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I was totally planning to completely ignore next year's 20-year high school class reunion. I'm so antisocial.

Then I check my facebook notices today and see that the planning committee wants me to set up a website for them. sigh.

I'm used to being one of the "official computer nerds" for my family, my coworkers, and even my wife's coworkers (my shadow IT time for them is apparently better, more accurate, and faster than her actual IT staff.)

But the idea of becoming the official nerd of my senior class? That's weird to me. In a "huh, really?" kind of way. It's great that the "popular clique" considers me the "go-to guy" for their IT needs. But still strange. I was one of the wall-flowers in high school that didn't fit in with any of the standard cliques; certainly not the popular kid cliques -- sports, latest styles, popular music, dancing ability? me? Bwahahha!

Anyway, weird. Not BAD. Just weird.
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Don't let them take advantage of you. Tell them to fuck off
The link to the 1992 class reunion page that they like and wonder if I can duplicate? It's so built of awesome that it has a rock song autolooping in the background. Without a way to turn it off or turn it down.

that rock song isn't built into the site. It's awesomosity is just so high that when viewed it causes rock music to spontaneously be heard.
I'm with +A. Miles Davis ; quote them a price. Calculate it like this:
reasonable quote + price of event plus travel expenses + additional money per each instance of douchebaggery inflicted upon you. Then demand free drinks as well.
I did one for my High School reunion, helped a friend who was on the committee. Used Drupal and had the largest turn out in years for the high school. Tons of people used the site and made connections. I was Shocked how popular I was at the reunion. It was not like that when I was the computer club prez or the VP of the Chess club. But it did take a lot of time.
+Dave Finnerty Any special drupal mods you used? Or just generic forums/blogs/etc? I've started using Drupal for the sites I make when/where I can. I dipped my toes into trying to write mods, but after hacking together a few, I've decided that's more effort than I'm comfortable with, given my "hobbyist" status with Drupal.
I had a couple modules in but it was forums, blogs, and photo gallery that were the most popular. Also had a module that sent email to the user when they had a response. I did add info on the user profile for madden name, some basic info from school days.

Funny thing is by the end my reunion site had a higher google ranking than the schools site. (More traffic, pages, links).
Ah I am so fence sitting about this. Part of me says quote them a price. In fact that is a BIG part of me.

The other part of me says make it for free and lord it over them for all eternity. Maybe plant a few easter eggs
Here's a question:
Do you want to do it?
I do, but that's mostly my instinctive desire to contribute / be helpful.

I'm going to do it. I'm just not sure what it says that out of a graduating class of about 370-ish people, I'm the one they thought of when they wanted a website put together.
He prints off the Sucker! sticker and applies it to forehead.
It's okay. :P I recommend a really awesome, loud, brilliant epic splash page. Have a monster truck show echo voice boom, "COME TO THIS REUNION. IT COULD BE THE LAST!" and fireworks and volcanoes exploding and things blowing up. It could be an AWESOME webpage.
If I ramp the hipster-snark-sarcasm levels that high, my brain might bleed. And someone might just tell me it's the best site they've seen since MySpace. which would make me cry.
Of course someone would. Sure you woudl have a cranial hemorrhage but that woudl be balanced out by the smug feeling of superiority
I recommend The Spice Girls "Wannabe" as the music.
And just like those movies, if I attempt this, I'll somehow come out of the experience rich, famous, popular, and/or with more opportunities for gratuitous sex than I ever dreamed of, right?! LOL
Unless you're Ducky. Then you just rented a tux for nothing.