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making history
At the first +Google+ +The White House photowalk!

Special appearances by:
Bo the First Dog
+The White House photographer Sonya Hebert
Obama motorcade
+The White House photographer Pete Souza
Ari, Kasie, Kori, Tess
and g+ walkers below:

Adam Robinson
Amy Phillips
Andrew Rhoads
Brandon Kopp
Brian Rose
Charles Lu
Chris Suspect
Dana Williams-Johnson
Dave Sang
Elyse Phelps
Gary Calpo
Gary Garbett
Geoff Livingston
Holly Mcaloney
Hushmath Alam
Julian Ortiz
Mark Anderson
Maureen Schulman
Natalia Stone
Rachel Jones
Randy Hughes
Roma G
shirley lo
Vikram Narayana
Wayne Lappas
Zeid Derhally

+Adam Robinson +Amy Phillips +Andrew Rhoads +Brandon Kopp +Brian Rose +Charles Lu +Chris Suspect +Damien Smith +Dana Williams-Johnson +Dave Sang +Elyse Phelps +Gary Calpo +Gary Garbett +Geoff Livingston +Hogarth Ferguson +Holly McAloney +Hushmath Alam +Jeremy Daugherty +Julian Ortiz +Keegan Shiner +Matt Keithley +Mark Anderson +Maureen Schulman +Natalia Stone +Rachel Jones +Randy Hughes +Rob B. +roma g +shirley lo +Suvir Bhatia +Tracy Rausch +Vikram Narayana +Wayne Lappas +Zeid Derhally

#whphotowalk #bothefirstdog #photowalk
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a more serious version :)
right on! Wish I coulda made it. Somehow missed the posts
+lavina street thanks for your nice words and for stopping by! hope your spring is going well :)
Could you add me to the list above as well? :)
+shirley lo, no I joined the Google+ group in the afternoon session at ECOB. I was in the press group in the morning
+Suvir Bhatia ok. added you above. let us know when you post photos from the event :)
Shirley Let me Know when you post your photos
+John Freeman thanks for stopping by :) it might be a while- lots on the plate right now :) in the meanwhile, feel free to expand the post and see beautiful photos taken by the other walkers! hope your spring is going well! :)
Shirley I write this to you because you seem to know the correct words to use to touch my heart. I have been alone physically since 1989 and really all 59 years of my life. I have trod the rode of the physical and the intellectual only to find myself now at the gate of the ethereal. All of my physical training and learning of knowledge have led me to many conclusions about the world and its place within the heavens. All that I wish is someone to share my knowledge and life with. That is all and by reading your gentle words I have found moments of peace for few understand me and you seem to understand me so easily and naturally. Thank You Very Much!!!
Hello Shirley, Today April 27, 2012 I entered at the Gate. It is Awesome!
Shirley, How are you today with your plate. I have learned the 1st and 2nd Laws of the Universe that are Positive. I have no Idea if there are negative laws, except the opposite of the Positive Laws, however I discovered that some populations and especially sub groups knew these two laws and practiced them. The Chinese woman of old, as a sub group, did practice these Laws.

You know that drugs are not necessary to be happy. All it takes is a mind of wonder, and books that enlighten to be happy because happiness is a thought, which leads to a feeling, which leads to an emotion, and that emotion leads to a state pf mind which leads to a life style of happiness. This my be a byproduct of the 2nd and 1st Laws I learned.

I will write more later.

But again maybe I am stupid.

Oh by the way I have never used drugs to be or attempt to become happy or content. Just wanted to clear the air.
Shirley, guess what I have been introduced to the 3rd and 4th Universal Laws. I feel some knew these yet kept them secrete.

Does not matter, for I traveled the path less taken.
Shirley; I have been busy. I want you and all your following to view my work and follow us on twitter.

Just open look around and maybe you will find something you need or like. Click the Follow us at Twitter button and see leave us a comment.

Your friend
Shirley, I have made a new transition while here. I have learned to transform Hatred into Pity which leads to having loving compassion for those who cannot help themselves in their state of mind of aggression, manipulation and other negative behaviors. For I truly hated how I had been treated by others, now I Pity them for their loss. I am truly gaining freedom. True Freedom.

Your Friend
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