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Charles Gammill

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"How do we hold a moment?"
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Charles Gammill

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sweet.  dig this short interview/performance from my friend +Lynn Drury !
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Charles Gammill

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"...but gravity always wins."
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This is a longer episode than we usually put out, but it's well worth it to listen to the end.  There just wasn't any "fat" for me to trim this time --> all really interesting stuff.  I hope you enjoy!  :)

" +Alexander Bard  is a cyber philosopher and the co-founder of the Syntheist Movement. He is the co-author of The Futurica Trilogy, a series of books concerning Internet philosophy and futurist studies.

In this episode, Alexander joins host +Vincent Horn  to discuss the origins and concepts of the Syntheist Movement and it’s intersection with Buddhist practice & thought. Using the setting of the annual Burning Man event to illustrate humanity’s sometimes unconscious desire to gather and practice religion, Alexander describes the Syntheist philosophy, its core concepts of multiple Gods, and its philosophical origins. From there the conversation touches on the concepts of God and Self, Quantum Physics and Religion, and Alexander’s utopic vision for the future."
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Charles Gammill

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helpful article on "podfading".  Podfading = don't do it!  :)
One thing every hobby podcaster needs to know is what is pod-fading? Pod-fading, or to pod-fade, is to stop producing a podcast when there wasn’t a
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Thanks Charles !
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Charles Gammill

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Lynn Drury is great!  :D
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Charles Gammill

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+Marianne Elliott  is an attorney, human rights advocate, and the author of Zen Under Fire, a memoir about her work in Afghanistan.

In this episode taken from the 2013 +Buddhist Geeks Conference, Marianne shares her belief that mindfulness practice alone isn’t enough to put an end to the suffering of the world. By first unpacking a few areas of social suffering that have deeply touched her, Marianne talks about the practical strategies she employs when working towards positive social change. As she describes the importance of action to the engaged Buddhist life, Marianne encourages the audience to ground themselves in the resiliency provided by Buddhist practice, find an issue that touches them, find a way to use their unique skillset, and actively work to end suffering in the world.
When Practice Isn’t Enough by Buddhist GeeksPodcast: Download Episode Description: Marianne Elliott is an attorney, human rights advocate, and the author of Zen Under Fire, a memoir about her work in Afghanistan. In this episode taken from the 2013 Buddhist Geeks Conference, Marianne shares her belief that mindfulness practice alone isn’t enough to put an …
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In case you missed last week's +Buddhist Geeks  episode, it's another in our series of #bgeeks13   flashbacks, this time with the "Yoda of Silicon Alley" +Jerry Colonna .

It's a good reminder that we all face the same demons of uncertainty and there are ways to beat them!

"In this episode taken from the 2013 Buddhist Geeks Conference, Jerry Colonna speaks about confronting the demon and dharma of uncertainty. By first telling the story of Milarepa and the Demons, Jerry engages the audience with an account of confronting his own fears of not being good enough. He describes how this “imposter syndrome”, this fear of admitting to uncertainty, can trap leaders and the people in their organizations in cycles of suffering. Jerry then offers strategies to confront delusion, doubt, and uncertainty through dharma and mindfulness practices."
The Dharma of Uncertainty in Business by Buddhist GeeksPodcast: Download Episode Description: Jerry Colonna was a venture capitalist in New York City and played a prominent part in the early development of Silicon Alley–he is known by some as the “Yoda of Silicon Alley.” He is currently a life and business coach and serves as …
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Charles Gammill

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nice!  psychedelics for the "not so interested in doing psychedelics right now" crowd!  :D
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lol well said
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    roadie, production assistant, gopher
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podcast producer, habit maker & breaker

I go places, do things, take pictures, and record sound and video.  

I curate content into interesting, useful, and entertaining containers.

I think making media content is cool.  Let's make content together!  :)

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much of my profession involves working from home listening to music, spoken word, and other interesting sounds
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