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Communities Worth Joining

Here are 5 of my favorites. Join 'em!
1. Comic Book Community 
2. Cartoon Retro 
3. Toys & Action Figures 
4. Sketch Group
5. Children's Book Illustrators - 

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FYI and not to be spammy, there is one for FG.  More telling you because, y'know, official illustrator of the universe and all. ;D
Oh I didn't know you had a community +Kimberly Chapman. What's the link?

I thought about starting one for LD, but then I remembered that LD has no readers. 
+Jim theOtter The problem is both +Charles Dowd and I are too polite to spam our stuff at people, and we worry about overdoing any level of self-promotion.

So we need indies promoting each other instead.  Which I do a lot...I am a happy fan of +The Biscuit Brothers, +Monty Harper, +Hilah Johnson, and +Lilith Dark, and thus will happily mention any of those any time I have even the slightest reason.  Then it's not spammy because I don't have any financial gain from any of those entities doing well...I simply truly enjoy their stuff and want them to do well so I can have more of it.  And I want others to have more of it too.

I probably should do a big separate post of my own about indies promoting other indies...maybe later.  For now, go buy +Lilith Dark by +Charles Dowd at because it's a superb female-positive comic about a little girl who fights beasties.

And if you've got little kids interested in learning about music, check out  And if you've got older kids interested in science check out  And if you want to learn to cook check out

Then go out and tell your friends about all of the good #indie  stuff you love, because that's the only real way we indie creators ever sell anything.

(See, even here, I won't promote my stuff.  I always hope fans will do that instead.)
That last comment feels spammy, but in another note dont use initials for everything, at least me its confusing.
I did think after I typed that that I was being terribly spammy and I apologise for being rude and intrusive but I just genuinely want to welcome folks to our community!I hope you'll over look my act of shameless self promotion and give us a looky see.No spam within,I promise.Thank you again +Charles Dowd for the great list I enjoyed checking out all of the other communities,all worth a look for sure.
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