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Charles Conard

Would It be possible to get a custom color creator for the QuickThemes? I really like using Wave as my live wallpaper, but it doesn't have the support for color picking, making the default colors to chose from very unfitting.

I hope this isn't too difficult to do, but would it be possible to add the alphabetical quick jump to the widget drawer like the Quickdawer has?

Also, could you possibly add the option to open the Recently Used apps overlay when swiping up on the homescreen? I have a Note 2, so I still have the settings button at the bottom instead of the recents button. :C

Thanks for the lastest updates.

I can't seem to find the widget for recently used apps in the widget drawer. Was that removed or something?
I can't find the option to import settings from AL2 either.

Widget resize seems to not work as well as it did in AL2. I can't resize anything the way I want it to, it just locks itself at a certain size and goes up from there. I'll see if I can stitch together a comparison image later on.

There are some other things I wanted to add to the AL3 wishlist, though.
-Icon Scale
-Screen Padding
-Edge Shadow toggle
-Default Home screen
-Color Sliders (For custom status bar and action bar colors)
-Swipe up for Recents (Task Manager)

Action Launcher 3 looks really great, but It's missing a lot of the features that made me love Action Launcher 2. This is kinda making me hesitant of buying the paid version because I found the Quickpage to be extremely useful. Will major features that were included in AL2 be added to AL3?

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I tried to match the look and feel of Material Design with this preset.
My new Preset for the Wave live wallpaper called 'MateriaL'

I'm sure this has already been posted, but are there any plans to finish the Holo Light theme? Maybe a material design update could be added in the future?

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My Samsung Galaxy Note II just got KitKat today and I noticed that there is some weird spacing issue going on at the bottom of the Quickpage. The bottom of Google play music is cut off.
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