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Once again I am going to test just how powerful the google-sphere really is, but not for me and mine. Instead today I am going to try to be the champion for a friend that has helped me on my artistic journey and has been a champion for so many other artists and musicians on google+.

Who am I helping?? +Sean Cowen of course!! 

As some of you may or may not know, Sean has recently become unemployed and he's pounding the pavement and scouring the web for jobs. But it's tough. Not every job is listed, and sometimes people just can't do it alone.
So I'm trying to help #getseanajob  !
I'm reaching out to everyone that Sean has helped and encouraged, and everyone else that has a heart, has enjoyed his intriguing posts, or his selfless kindness.
The man even helped fund raise for my daughter!

A little about Sean is that he's all about marketing. He's an idea man ... and he's proven it time and again to me on how to build audiences and capture the attention of the masses. He's worked in the marketing field for years, been the VP of Marketing and Director of Marketing for several companies. But he's open to nearly anything. 

All I'm asking is that you share this with people you know that might know people that might have a position to be filled. What do you say +Daria Musk and +eric orchard? Can we spread the word about the man that has said so many great things about us? Perhaps +Ryan Van Sickle or +HEATHER FAY +Cliff Roth +James Shearer +matthew rappaport could do something as simple as sharing this post. I could tag people all day long but instead I will just put out one last request to help this man that has helped so many while asking nothing in return.

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