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Charles Childers
Christian. Father. Programmer. Lover of fine teas, literature, and unicycles.
Christian. Father. Programmer. Lover of fine teas, literature, and unicycles.

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Solving Project Euler problems with Retro and Parable.

I had planned to install a new faucet for my kitchen sink today, but it's proving more troublesome than expected. I'm going to delay this for a few more days.

I've been finding Bootstrap 2.0 from Twitter to be very useful. Saves a lot of work in terms of getting my web applications and site layouts working properly.

Over the last four days I've updated the development site (, blog (, irc log browser (, the HTML5 implementation of my VM ( to use Bootstrap. I've also incorporated some elements into the documentation page CSS to improve formatting in a few areas.

We've been doing our year-end inventory at work. I'm looking forward to this being over (hopefully by the end of next week), so I can get back to my hobbies. When I leave here today I'll be at 46 hours worked, with another 13 or 14 to come tomorrow.

On Saturday and Sunday I'm taking my kids on a surprise trip to Lancaster, PA. I'm not sure what all we'll do while there, but I'll at least be away from work.

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I finally have a new stable version of Retro ready. This includes the new Scheme and updated HTML5/JavaScript implementations of the virtual machine, updated documentation (fixing some significant errors in the VM spec), more examples, improved libraries, and an image file with a new combinator and some minor cleanups.

The source can be downloaded at

Android users can update or install via the market at for a stable release or if you want to use the latest development builds.

An updated Chrome extension and app will be appearing within the next couple of days. I'd try to get it out sooner, but some of the files I need are only on another machine I can't access until Monday.

I've fixed all of the major bugs in the Scheme code. It passes the core test suites, so apart from being slow, it's capable of loading and running a standard Retro image now. Still plenty to do (no file I/O, saving of images does not work), but it's a solid start.

Trying to find fix bugs in some Scheme code. This is proving different enough from Common Lisp to make things harder than I expected.

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Preparing to enjoy the last of one of the few white teas in my collection. As this one is now unavailable, I'll have to look for a substitute when I get ready to do my next tea order.

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I've uploaded a beta of the second incarnation of Retro for Android devices. This isn't finished yet, but has the new console code, multiple project editor, and user-adjustable VM settings. It should also be more efficient in terms of battery usage, as the VM can be manually paused, and should now be mostly suspended when waiting for input.

The new .apk is at

I've disabled anonymous bug reporting on my repositories after having one of them get heavily spammed. I hate having to do this, even though the bug tracker wasn't getting much use.
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