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The person of your dreams
Just a quick one page I created for a local Seattle drawing night. Hope you enjoy it. :)

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This new release of Windows Solitaire, designed by Susan Kare, takes up a larger footprint on your desktop, and has the animation for winning disabled, but on the plus side, it requires no electricity, and has numerous multiplayer options..

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An original and interesting
Game of Skill for Two Players

Created by the Women’s Social and Political Union circa 1917

Suffragetto is a contest of occupation between two opposing factions, The Suffragettes and The Police.

The goal of the Suffragettes is to break past Police lines and enter the House of Commons. At the same time, The Suffragettes must also prevent the Police from entering Albert Hall, an oft-used meeting space of the Women’s Social and Political Union.
It is the Police’s duty to break up a meeting of the Suffragettes, currently being held in Albert Hall, all the while, preventing the Suffragettes from entering the House of Commons.
The game is won by whoever first succeeds in introducing six members into the building guarded by its opponents.

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Algorithms that predict the trajectories of things based on a single camera. Has applications in sports and, I predict, in augmented reality (is that crumpled paper in your hand going to make it into your waste basket? If you're watching an augmented reality display, you could watch the predicted trajectory in realtime.)

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Let's talk about the other N word


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That circle you've been taking for granted:
it might actually have been a cat...

...and might be again.
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