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We had a blast at the #localguides  event at +Hopsters Brew. Thanks +Melissa Rudden for coming along!
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So great to see you again, +Charles Bosse. Looking forward to seeing +Melissa Rudden's terrariums!
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Let the games begin
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Charles Bosse

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I'm excited!
2015 marks the much anticipated return of the Steampunk Festival to Watch City! Once again, attendees can expect a panoply of period fascinations that has something for everyone. Victorian-era calliopes, high-wheeling Penny Farthings, costumed performers, musicians and bands, lectures and discussions, an open-air market with a unique collection of vendors of all things Steampunk, and a parade are just some of the delightful things guests of the Watch City Steampunk Festival can expect to encounter while enjoying a spring day on the banks of the historic Charles River.
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Charles Bosse

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The phenomenon explained by plusser Kevin McBride:
 The new moon comes on February 18, 2015, and then reaches perigee less than one-third day later. It’s the closest new moon of the year, which qualifies it as a new moon supermoon. It’s also a seasonal Black Moon; that is, the third of four new moons in the current season (December solstice to March equinox). The moon reaches lunar perigee – the moon’s closest point to Earth for the month – some 7.6 hours after the moon turns new at 23:47 UTC (6:47 p.m. CDT) on February 18. Don’t expect to see anything special, not even a little crescent . A full moon supermoon is out all night – brighter than your average full moon. But a new moon supermoon is only out during the daytime hours, hidden in the sun’s glare.
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+kerosene heh. Good point. At any rate, it's all about what you don't see. That means that the full moon should be extra bright though... I think. 
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Charles Bosse

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I started to write this as a response to some comments about a recent post about automated cars, but I think it's broad enough to deserve it's own post. Sorry for the verbosity:

What do we as individuals and civilizations need to do to adapt in an ever-more automated world? Here are my thoughts:

Economics, like language, is at least based in something more fundamentally natural than human, so I don't think we can get rid of it. In a system of limited resources, there is always a mechanism of give and take, and a currency of reward. In some ways I see economics as some critical part of the "thought process" (if you will) of the great beast of civilization, a good measure of the way "persons" are made a part of "people" and blah blah blah. Of course, I'm taking a broad brush to economics, and counting far more than bank transaction and the stock market here, but I think it's fair to say that most of history's attempts to suppress economic systems have simply resulted in a change of what is considered "currency". As such, I am highly suspect of any plan that starts with either "throw out money" or "it will work when the whole world joins".

That said, I'm obviously in favor of a social baseline. Jefferson probably couldn't even conceive of a world where the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" meant what it does now, but I think the extension of the idea into a modern context of providing for basic needs and health across the board is actually meaningful one in terms of allowing civilization to adapt to a world in which the projected survival of the species as we know it is perhaps more tenuous than the projected survival of most individuals. This very possible strategy would free people from immediate survival and allow us to explore solutions that bring our group the highest long term gains, while still providing recognition for those achievements.

Collective brain power really works. People don't have to test out as genius level IQ to be better than computers at creative work (including science and engineering), they just have to have access, patience to find their real skills and interests, and enough reward to guide them back once they find that niche. We see this with supernova detection and protein folding (and cancer diagnosis), even though these seem like the kind of thing that algorithmic grinding would be good at. That doesn't mean computers can't work with humans to great effect, but we need human interest in these fields. The problem is that these are highly specialized talents/skills and we are looking at a future where the real need is for millions of niche specialists and not a few scattered among normal, work-a-day, equally trained non-specialists (the foundation of much of the late 19th and 20th century, thanks to the rise of the corporation).

There is no lack of territory for human work though: if the last century has taught us anything it's that searching for solutions is a long and changing road, not some trivial search for a few rules that then extend to easy governance of the future. The need to put human minds on the task of solving novel problems is not just one of curiosity or an attempt to keep ourselves relevant in a changing world, it's a true necessity in surviving an environment where we have accelerated change, and where we have become comfortable in a world that has recently seemed docile but where that seeming promise is really just a roll of the dice. It holds the promise of both expanding our horizons and preserving what we hold dear.

This isn't something we can do when more than half the population of the world is devoting their mental and temporal capital to survival. Risk in our world is a privilege of the successful elite, and this means that the pool of people who even have time to take action on any "big problem" that they want to see solved is within the range of 1% or less. In some places the perverse solution of populations so poor or mistreated that they have nothing left to loose has resulted in progress through risk taking, but at the cost of tremendous suffering and damage.

Those are some pretty lofty goals, so it's going to take time, discussion, and work; but I think that with increasing automation we need to look forward to ways to keep ourselves pertinent, and right now there is a lot of effort to people to jobs that will soon be obsolete, instead of laying out a realistic road map for recognition that innovation will soon have to be a tool of the common man, and not the elite, or else the whole system will collapse for lack of proper support. If, instead, our transition to the future is reliant on the fortunate ideas of the elite and the incredibly costly revolutions of the terminally opressed, the future is dark indeed, but if we provide a safety net for common people to take educated risks for marginal reward, I think we will see a lush and diverse set of solutions for our lives and for the future of the human race.
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Charles Bosse

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Edit: Woops! Wrong link! Corrected now:

Take the following and compare to this: a mathematical model for "why all hipsters look the same".
Having a good sense of rhythm makes crabs sexual failures and make them look unattractive to the opposite sex. Fiddler crabs have a great sense of time that they display in synchronised dances which unfortunately doesn't make them very popular with the females. Turns out the males that dance on their own rhythm, and not in unison, get twice as much attention from females. So why do they end up all dancing together? They are probably all trying to be off rhythm and just end up all doing the same thing.

“Perhaps by trying to stand out,” according to the team of Australian National University researchers led by Andrew Kahn “the crabs wait until the first waver has completed a wave and then kick off – but with up to 100 crabs in a square metre they end up joining a dance troupe instead of being a solo act. It's a really chaotic environment they live in and maybe they are just trying to follow a few basic rules that end up backfiring. In a world where everyone is trying to be different, they all end up being exactly the same."
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For my Portland friends who play.
The world around you is not what it seems. Statues, public art, and historical sites have been activated as Ingress Portals. XM Anomalies are free player events that bring together hundreds of Resistance and Enlightened Agents of all Levels for an intense burst of walking, running, and biking gameplay. After the Anomaly, Agents rendezvous at the Cross-Faction Meetup to celebrate and meet new recruits. It’s time to move.

New to Anomalies? We were all Level 1 once. Here are pro-tips to help you get started:
1. When planning to go to an Anomaly, reach out to your local RES or ENL lead. Find your local Faction lead (
2. Focus efforts on building rather than destroying by deploying Resonators and establishing Links and Fields.
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Charles Bosse

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Sad news.
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He will be missed.
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How many of you are "Con" goers? I'm missing the Beer and Cheese event this coming weekend, and PAXeast, but pretty excited about the Waltham Steampunk convention coming up on Mother's Day weekend.

Last year I got to go to Boston Comic Con and Arisia. I didn't dress up for either, but I'm hoping to get a chance coming this spring and summer. I also was able to attend First Night, which was great. Thank goodness for indoor entertainment because it was way to cold to be outside for any length of time that night.
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I’m headed to Beer & Cheese on Saturday (can’t wait!). I’ve gone to a couple Pintley meet ups -- they tend to be a bit chaotic so I have to be in the mood, but the beers are always excellent. 
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This is kind of neat.
Hasbro Releasing ‘Star Wars’ Bladebuilders Lightsabers Sets That Allow Kids to Build Their Own Unique Lightsabers
Hasbro will be releasing a new series of Star Wars Bladebuilders Lightsabers that, according to USA TODAY, come with "compatible hilts, connectors and various lightsaber materials" and allow kids t...
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Charles Bosse

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Where would people to see First Saturday in January? I have heard two good suggestions, but am open to other ideas. 

Edit: Planning community post, will share more broadly after the event.
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Boston Public Library @ Copley
JP Licks on Centre St
Other (in comments)
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Good idea +Mikaela Scheff​, we should consider it.
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The bid price was expensive but they came recommended so we were hoping for good quality. They left finish work looking like rough work with paint slopped over it, didn't clean the work area well even thought they billed for it (hid trash behind the bushes) and two workers got in a fist fight. Sadly the standards for Boston are low enough that even this isn't the worst work I've seen.
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Reasonably sized store, sales are decent but the service counter is pretty slow.
Public - 2 weeks ago
reviewed 2 weeks ago
Nice clean location with helpful staff. The blinds are very reasonably priced and easy to install.
Public - 2 weeks ago
reviewed 2 weeks ago
The service in this location is hit and miss, and the signage has been misleading on more than one occasion. That said, as a full dedicated Babies"R"Us, it's got better selection than the Dedham store, and is often more likely to have the thing you need than other baby stores in the area. The store moved from "It's okay" to "Disliked it" when I realized that the changing table in the -dedicated baby store- is not as good as the one in the Old Navy two doors down. In fact, it's obvious that, at some point, management pulled out paper towels (useful in a pinch for any number of baby changing needs) and replaced them with a blower.
• • •
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471 reviews
I have come to prefer the "unleashed" stores (they look nicer, and have a better selection of the higher quality pet foods, and don't sell animals) but this store is clean and has a variety of goods for a range of pets.
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This location is clean, the staff are friendly, and the changing table in the back bathrooms is great! There's also a good selection of clothes at reasonable prices for all ages and body types (as with most Old Navy shops)
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Salads are fresh, and the pizza is on the better better end of standard, but frankly this is just another Boston corner pizza joint. If you want "standard" american food, though, it's probably your best bet in Egleston Sq.
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reviewed 2 weeks ago