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I'm playing with textures again. Which picture do you like better, with or without texture? Why?

If you have suggestions for how to improve my use of texture, please let me know that, too.
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I prefer the photo without the texture... with the smooth background, it brings the focus to the flower. The textured background distracts from it and dilutes the focal point of the photo.
I like the texture but I would lower the opacity so that it's more subtle, right now it draws my eye to it.  As Celine Chamberlain said it distracts and dilutes the focal point.  By lowering the opacity and allowing the texture to become more part of the background you should be able to make the flower the focal point again.  But then again, I could totally be wrong. :)
Subtle?  Charlie is the most subtle person I know : p.  I prefer the picture on the right, seems clearer.
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