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"Do you have one loaf of #bread for us? it cost only $2 and we are only few millions in #hunger. We can do anything what make you happy :) Need all your support as in kind and Follow us
"Do you have one loaf of #bread for us? it cost only $2 and we are only few millions in #hunger. We can do anything what make you happy :) Need all your support as in kind and Follow us

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Before moving to United States I lived in Africa for 10 years. I started this charity to help individual basic freedom to live, This story is very touching. 
Kulwa, 21, is one of many Tanzanians with albinism who was attacked for her body parts. Here is the BBC documentary about this issue:

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My love to you all

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One Look Is Worth A Thousand Words: this 10 images is really worth of thousands words. I am sure many of them are going through and some of the already gone through. When I saw this picture it reminds me about my Grand mother who took care of me when I was in the boarding school and I have take care when she was in the hospital bed. A beautiful life cycle.
Please follow us and share, Sharing is caring,   

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I happen to see this video and didn't able to understand the meaning of war. Dirty politics and religion take advantages of the situation. People are loosing their loved ones and become orphans.   
Poor become poor, there are many kids like Ahmed in the war affected countries. When can we see a stop to this war and terrorism.
We are Charity Basic Needs Like to do something about it. Let us hear from you.

Please follow us and share this for an awareness.
Thanks from all of us at Charity Basic Needs.Org 

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Chotu CEO, A Child Labor 
Child labor campaign, there are over 10 million child laborers in India. They work and serve educated employees and they do not notice. Child labor has become a blind spot. See this video how it got the attention. Please share and add us to your circles to follow us. 

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We also like to be part of your sadness and grief. If you have lost some one from your life, please share with us and our hearty condolence. 
When someone that we hold dear passes away, there will be an overwhelming sense of sadness and grief. In Loving Memory messages can help express our feelings of sadness and sorrow at this most difficult time. We try hard to make sense of everything and we try to put into perspective everything that this person represented during their time on earth. This is precisely the reason why we write In Loving Memory messages, that personally relate to the person that has passed away.So what do you put in a In Loving Memory Message when you have just lost a loved one? 

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From next week, starting from Monday we are going to focus on against child labor. Next Five days,we will bring it to your attention how we all are indirectly involved in Child Labor.. just follow us and share us for a cause

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Please follow this Organisation. everyone needs a Hug from little one to older ones. 
Every ones need a hug from little one to older one.

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I am sure this might help some because some time s***t happens here in the circles, yes I mean circles . lol :)

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Daily limit to circle adds
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Google Contacts quota limits
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The reason we've implemented these quota restrictions is because problems can occur when you have an extremely large number of contacts in your Google Account. If you take an action that would push you beyond this limit, you'll see an error message.

If you choose to clean up your contact list, make sure you don't delete the contacts for people you want to keep in your circles.

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Love, love, love! Loving my family and what blessings they are ..
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