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Thanks for this advice. I have a bit of writing to do and this should help me accomplish my goals in the next 4 months. I'll update ;)
If you've been following the posts this semester on how to have a productive semester, you have already made a plan for the Fall Semester, and blocked out time in your calendar for writing every day. If you have been writing ...
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Aspire to Inspire
Thank you for visiting my profile. I am a vivacious woman of West Indian heritage who loves to speak my mind and see people aspire to new heights.  I am faithfully following a divine calling to transform the way we teach and learn.
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Excelled at high school; blew through college; survived PhD program; married a handsome, intelligent, wonderful, complementary, stand-up man; birthed two kids au natural; still have time to give a smile:)
College Professor
Name it and I will learn to excel at it (or at least do it pretty well :)
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