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A big Thank-You Fans!! 10,000 Facebook Likes and counting…!!!

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Charav Antivirus 5 indicator explanation!!!

• If the indicator is green, so your device is protected, cleaned, and optimized, you have nothing to do.
• If the indicator is yellow, your device is protected, but it needs an optimization of the RAM and storage cleaning. In this case you must click "optimize and clean" to clean the device from junk files, and to clean its memory.
• If the indicator is red, you should scan your mobile device, click on "scan" to check and protect your device and preserve your privacy.

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Do you know !!!

• Charav Optimizer now is included into Charav Antivirus 5
• Charav Antivirus 5 uses less RAM compared to its predecessor,
• Charav Antivirus 5 does not consume more than 1.4Mb, even in full speed when it scans over 10,000 files and applications. When Charav Antivirus 5 is not performing an operation, it does not consume more 0.23Mo of RAM.
• On mobile devices that have low RAM, Charav Antivirus analyses large files by splitting them into smaller parts to prevent device freeze up. (Note: it loads files in small parts into the antivirus instead of loading the entire file at once.)

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Do you know ?

• Charav Antivirus 5 uses several algorithms to check files and applications to determine if they are malicious or legitimate.

• Charav Antivirus 5 scans all folders and subfolders without any depth limit. It finds viruses and malware to a greater depth, even those hidden in the 1000th subfolder.

• Charav Antivirus 5 scans all types of files, and passes applications through special filters to ensure their authenticity and legitimacy.

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Hello friends.
We made a small update to our application ((Charav Antivirus)). 
This update does not affect the user interface of the application. 
The update is to add new viruses to the antivirus viral database.
You can download this update from opera website:

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Happy new year 2014
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We wish all our followers & all users of Charav products a very happy new year 2014.
Nous souhaitons à tous nos fidèles et tous les utilisateurs de produits Charav une nouvelle année très heureuse 2014.
Deseamos a todos nuestros seguidores y los usuarios de los productos Charav un muy feliz año nuevo 2014.
Desejamos a todos os nossos seguidores e todos os usuários de produtos Charav um ano novo muito feliz 2014.
Wir wünschen allen unseren Anhängern und alle Nutzer von Charav Produkte ein sehr gutes neues Jahr 2014.
Auguriamo a tutti i nostri seguaci e tutti gli utenti dei prodotti Charav un nuovo felice anno 2014.
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