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Realtime D&D 5e Character Sheet
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My new character sheet is open for beta testing for a limited time. It's still quite rough around the edges, and you may lose some data in the releases that follow, but I'm looking to get some feedback with regards to the direction I've taken it. 

It's probably not suitable for use as your only character sheet just yet, but it'll get there fast.
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At least on the features page, and maybe elsewhere, the boxes sort by the color you assign them
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Open Source!

I have released the code for this project under the GPL 3 open source license. The project can be found here:

This has been a long time coming. The source for the app was always delivered unobscured to the browser, but without licensing details. Now it's formally open source and you are welcome to fork, fiddle, make pull requests or re-release it with your own changes if you'd prefer.
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anychance to get a portrait frame for a pic of our characters on ?
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Back online.

The character sheet should be working again as expected. The platform changed a little underneath me and exposed a bug that should've been caught way sooner. Simple fix and we're back online. 

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience and especially for any lost game time. 
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That was it!  Thanks.
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Version 2.0

So in case you didn't already know, I am building this character sheet from the ground up in a different framework. This time with the capability to expand from a character sheet into an entire D&D 5 companion, while still keeping the focus on getting the right info in front of your face so you can focus on playing D&D, not messing with your character sheet.

I'll put up a long post detailing some of the cool new toys the new version will come with, but before that, I'd like to get some info on how the app is being used and what areas to focus on as I get the next version ready for early beta testing. So here's a quick form, 6 questions and a rant-box for feature requests, praise, slander and whatever else you feel like including.
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+Derek Chadwell Sure do :)
While I will merge pull requests, I'm not actively developing it. I'm currently working on a bigger project that will do all of the same stuff and more. I will always maintain this one though, so features and fixes are still very much welcome.

Also note it's a week's worth of prototyping in an unfamiliar environment XD so don't expect much of the code base.
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Today's update sees the introduction of a much-anticipated features for rogues everywhere: numerical proficiencies. You can find the setting under settings, as usual. Activating numerical proficiencies turns your proficiency checkboxes into number inputs.

Now you can set your proficiency to 0.5 for half proficiency bonus, or 2 for double bonus.

Finally, copper and silver pieces in the inventory summary should now correctly rollover to silver and gold pieces once they reach 10 pieces or higher. Platinum and electrum pieces won't roll over.

I still haven't added licensing headers to the source files yet, but the source javascript files are not minified, so if you'd like to see how it ticks (or doesn't) feel free to view source and browse around. Even though it is hosted on appspot, it would run equally well in any static site, since all the code is running on the user's browser and nothing fancy is happening behind the scenes.
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+Robert Johnstone Archives? The app stores all its data in your personal Google drive, so I have no access to characters I didn't create myself. What characters got lost and needed recovering?
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This character sheet is now pretty much feature complete, apart from what has already been listed as a TODO. I will continue supporting it, fixing bugs and helping people out with usability, but I won't be iterating on its design from this point on.

The app was built solely using the Google Drive SDK/API and Google Realtime API. The technology is a fairly good fit for this kind of document and it was pretty easy, not to mention free, to get it up and running in a couple of weeks. However, as I'm trying to extend this character sheet into a broader set of tools, it is quickly out-growing the platform.

So I found Meteor. I'm not going to try and describe what Meteor is exactly (see link below), except that it makes building a rich web-based application unfathomably simple. For now I am just going to be implementing the same character sheet, more or less as-is, to a meteor app. Then, hopefully, provide a way to migrate a character from Google Drive to the new app. The current character sheet will remain online indefinitely, but will have a link to the new stuff I'll be developing over the next few months.
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I can't wait it has me excited to try it

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There appears to be a problem with the share dialog. I'm working on the issue now, but If you experience this and are unable to share your characters, you can still share your characters by finding the files at and sharing them from there without opening them. 

It appears to be sorted now. I fixed nothing, blame Google.
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Sharing still seems to be wonky for google apps users. Sometimes (this isn't consistent?) the sharing URL it generates is missing the apps domain from between and /file/d/[UID]
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So I'm back in the land of internet after a brief sojourn.

While I was away every character who had experience points would not load because of a bug introduced when Google changed how they delivered a document's contents.

It's been fixed along with a few other bugs that got mentioned along the way. I read every comment and post directed at this account on G+, so if there are bugs I'll get to them pretty quickly. 

I don't plan on taking any more vacations for another year or so :P but I will still make sure that at least one other developer has access to push fixes so access to your characters isn't disrupted again.

Happy new year and happy gaming.
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Just found your character sheet and like what I see so far. Good job!
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The character sheet is currently down. I'm investigating the problem. 

It appears to be having trouble accessing the Google Drive API. It's a bit unexpected, because I haven't changed anything recently and there hasn't been enough usage to hit any limits set by Google. 

Fortunately your sheets are stored in your own Google drive, and while they might not be accessible right now, there is zero chance of data loss. I'll be working on this until they are back online, and will probably add an export feature so no games are missed if this ever happens again.
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Mine is currently down
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Dungeonscape is no longer working directly with Wizards of the Coast. They still intend to release Dungeonscape, but not in its current form. Until then, all betas will be closed down.

This is pretty sad news, but until they disclose the full details, there's no real hint as to why it's happening. 
#DnD   #dnd5e  
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Alright look forward too it! Keep up the awesome work!
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Small update today, but possibly a huge quality of life improvement if you use the character sheet on a mobile.

The boxes should now all stack vertically and do their best to fit on your screen and stay legible without needing you to zoom in and out constantly.
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I was introduced to these sheets from a comrade in a campaign I am in on Roll20 and I absolutely think these sheets are awesome!!

I am new to D&D and right now I think this has everything I need =D Thanks for your hard work!
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This character sheet is currently filling a niche that might soon no longer exist. For those of you who don't know, the official companion app for D&D 5 is called DungeonScape and from what we have found out about it, it looks good. Really, really good. 

Slated for release on web, IOS and Android it seems to cover all the bases, from character creation, to rules lookup and campaign management. Not all these features will be out at launch, and as of now, no launch date has been set.

Click the link to wet your appetite and spark an impatient waiting game. But for now, weekend-warrior tools like this character sheet have to make do until we know more.
The first fully integrated digital companion app of its kind, Dungeonscape is exclusively designed for the fifth edition of the D&D Tabletop Roleplaying Game.
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Sure, go crazy. Knowing the interest in fiddling is genuine from a few fronts, the only thing stopping me adding the MIT license headers to all the files at this point is that it would mean a new release, and I promised a bunch of things for the next release ;)
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A cloud based, collaborative editing character sheet for D&D 5
A character sheet for the 5th edition of D&D powered by the Google Realtime API. Keeps your character saved, stored and up to date across multiple devices and allows for collaborative editing and viewing.

How do I do expertice, or double my proficiency bonus?
Go to settings and check "Numerical proficiencies" then change the number in front of the skill you have double proficiency bonus from 1 to 2. Or change it to 0.5 if you want half your proficiency bonus.

Where does weapon range go?
There isn't space for another column in the attacks table while keeping mobile support, so it's best to include it in brackets after the attach name

What are the permissions for?
View and manage Google Drive files that you have opened or created with this app
Add itself to Google Drive
This lets the character sheet appear as a Google Drive app and open and edit character sheets, saving them in your Google Drive. It can only access character sheets it has created, and has no access to any other kind of file in your Drive.

Know who you are on Google
This just gets your basic profile information like your profile picture. It isn't stored anywhere and I have no access to it.

Todo list
  • Optional character portrait
  • Resource tracking for monks and other casters who don't use spell points
  • Observant feat adding +5 to passive perception needs to be handled