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Hi, I’m +Chandrashekar Raghavan a Product Manager on the Google+ Photos team.

Sometimes you find a particular photo in an album that’s worth sharing with others. It might be the perfect sunset shot from your beach holiday, or a humorous photo from a friend’s party.

The ability to share a single photo from an album is one of our top feature requests and today, we are launching a new feature that will allow you to do just that! Inside the lightbox photo viewer, you’ll now see a “Share” button below each photo. Click “Share” to share just that photo, not the whole album.

We hope you enjoy using this feature; keep the feedback coming!

Thanks to +Karen Liu for making this feature happen!
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Thank you and please say "thanks guys!" to the team in my name! :)
I would really like to see a +1 button integrated into the lightbox as well!
Nice! But when will we see a +1 Button for photos when viewing them in the lightbox? I thought that was kind of odd that this has been missing.
Arvid Bux
Thanks for adding this!

Would love to see a +1 box per photo PLUS the ability to share multiple photos from one album. Same like we can do when sharing photos from our mobile phone.
Thank you so much fellas - This is just freakin' awesome :-)
This was easily one of my most anticipated features! Thanks guys and keep up the great work!
This is great. But because we are selfish users is there any way to give more control to albums or individual photos so that they can't be downloaded. I know that many professional photographers love to share their work but also want to protect their property so they either provide very reduced copies or watermark, etc. It would be great if I could put up photos in albums and then decide if I want to allow downloads from that album or not. Also it would be awesome to allow people to download an entire album with a click of a button. Thanks for the great share feature and for making G+ one of the best places for photographers...
Thank you....huge for all of us photographers.....
Serg B
IMO: It would be great to be able to share&save a picture in your specific album.
Good improvement... now go for the +1 button in individual photos as well!
Good Work Guys!!

How about replying and commenting with text AND IMAGES!

holy shit what will Google think of next!
Finally. This should have been available from Day 1!
Very cool : ). But will it be possible to mark only few pictures as private? For example: You have a album from an event and a few people dont want to be public. Id like to mark those pictures as private and not to have upload a second album without them in it.
I see now. A copy of the shared pic is put into the "Photos from Posts" this is not, in fact, photo level permissions. Sharing permissions are still done on an album level. So, now I have the same photo in 2 albums accumulating different comments depending on how people reach it (them). I can see use cases either way, but I was hoping to have any link or access to a photo go to the same place so to speak. Either way, this is better than before.
+1 for this feature, expecting a favorite button too for photos soon.
Cool stuff, keep up the good work!
I agree with +Alex Georgevitch in that I would love to see more controls over the distribution of photos and prevention of distribution. I'm hesitant to post any of mine (I'm an aspiring photographer) because one thing I've found with Google Chrome is that, unless a script is added to prevent it, I can drag-to-desktop photos. Doesn't matter if it's in my stream or the expanded view.
Nice! Awesome work! Next feature request: ability to +1 individual photos:)
great... that is one of the privacy problems dealt with... now please fix the other Big one - tagging a person on a photo should not allow them to see all the pictures in that album if it is set to private! This is a major problem that is still to be addressed by google!
great update. next: a favourite photos (or starred like in gmail / greader). You can go around this by sharing to an empty favourites circle, but it would be nice to have integration in the photos section. +1 might work, but then it would be grouped with all other +1'd content. I want just the photos!
Great, now adding a feature to share x out of y photos in an album and sharing would take the next step
Please add a "download photo" feature in full resolution from inside the lightbox.
This is great news and something I've been hoping for pretty much from the beginning. Having been a Flickr user for a number of years, I've realised that G+ is easily the best place for sharing photos now.
Now if I could only DELETE photos without so many steps !!!
+Chris Coyne Black is better as a background than white for viewing photos. If you look at photos on a bright background it effects your eye's ability to correctly perceive color tones. If I'm not mistaken, 18% grey would be better than black :)
Sounds good! On another photo-rleated point, can you tell me anything about how Google+ and Panoramio (which is also linked to my Google account) interact? I presume there must be some way to link in, as is the case with Picasa?
(I am totally new here on Google+, by the way!)
Brilliant , I think a lot of people have been waiting for this one.

The one thing I don't like is that the minute you post from your album another album is created "Photos from Posts" and a duplicate image is put in it. This is annoying for me as I do not want duplicate images appearing every time I post an image. Also if anyone comments on the duplicate image the original image in the album is overlooked and the comments will not appear there. It's hard to keep control on everything when duplicates pop up all over the place.
This is most definitely a welcome feature but I find the process behind the scenes to be a little odd. As +Ryan Smith and +Justin Hill have pointed out, when you share the photo it actually creates a duplicate in the album ‘Photos From Posts’ and all comments added are stored with this image. I can delete the photo in my old album and move the new ‘Photos From Posts’ version back to my old album but this is a pain. This approach also only works if your original photo had no comments. If the original photo had comments then you can end up with duplicate photos and the comments and +1’s spread across them.

Why create a duplicate image in the first place? I want people to see this image in the album I put it, so they can navigate to other similar images in that album. If the original image had comments on it, clicking the Share button should share the image and existing comments to the users stream. This would be a far better way of doing it. I’m interested in your thoughts +Chandrashekar Raghavan and +Karen Liu? Perhaps there was a reason why you had to go down this route? Might you consider the above suggestions in the future?
Yeah, Finally =) But people want more.. always )
Exif info requires 3 click(2 for open +1 for close), but it can be done without clicks at all, just some icon with "onmouseover". Without histograms, of-course. Who cares about histograms in web? =)
Sorry, I don't understand that at all. Why does EXIF require clicks? It is simply metadata stored in the image file.
It is working. :) ♥ing feature in Google+ :)
Oh, most excellent! I was wishing for this exact feature once again just yesterday...and now here it is today!
David, I mean information about photo in lightbox(with histogram, exif and filename). To get it show up you need to make 2 clicks + 1 click to close it. It`s should be more useful with just moving cursor to some area. IMHO.
+Gerard Charnley +Justin Hill think the issue stems from the fact that Photos in G+ is essentially a slick (but very limited) frontend for Picasa Web Albums. Picasa IS G+ Photos and therein lies the problem. Picasa does visibility at the album level and not the photo level. Perhaps that wasn't a problem years ago, but now it is part of the infrastructure in a major social network. I am ALL for tight integration between G+ and it's other products, however this is one instance where it's had some negatives. I seems as though the G+ photo's team can only do so much before they have to either A.) Stop using Picasa as the backend or B.) Fundamentally change the way Picasa works.
That said, I did notice something interesting. The "Photos from Posts" album acts differently. In fact, it appears to work the way I think every album should work. If you'll notice, the visibility for the album is set to Recipients of the Original Posts. That seems to imply visibility settings on an individual photo level, which is awesome! If this is the case, I don't understand why all albums don't work like this. As it stands now, organizing and sharing are in conflict with one another. There is no way for me to contain everything in a album (comments, tags, etc) and share parts of it after-the-fact without it fragmenting my organization scheme.
+Chandrashekar Raghavan I'm not trying to simply complain or speak above my level of understanding, but am I on the right path as to why things work the way they do right now in Photos? BTW, the general photos interface is stellar and I hope one day I can just use it instead of visiting Picasa (although that's essentially what I'll be doing isn't it?) :)
it does work in a limited album as I tested it myself with my own photos. You may need to log out and back in again.
This is great!
but how do you +1 a specific photo in an album?
Enjoy it! Are you kidding me?! This is my number ONE request! Thanks very much!!
Hold on.

All this feature appears to be doing is taking a copy of a photo that is in an existing photo album and making a copy to the photos from posts album. This is not resolving the issue of sharing from an existing album.

*With this current method, you now have two copies of the photos, one in an album and one in the photos from posts. *

Comments added to the photo from the stream, are disconnected from any in the album.
If you add a caption to the photo within the stream, it does not carry back over to the caption on the album, this shows that it is not the same photo, but a copy

This is not a fix at all.
The feature was better served before being able to share a photo from within Picasa by copying the URL of the photo and pasting to your stream. At least this way, you were dealing with one photo, not a mess of duplicate photos.
+Armand Salmon I was bummed by this discovery earlier as well. I agree, this makes things more confusing and cluttered, especially for new users! I can hear my mom now "Uncle Frank left a comment on the photo I shared" opens it in her Family reunion album and finds that there's nothing there! This is putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. Make sure you Send Feedback and let them know!
Interesting. I didn't catch that. Thanks +armand Salmon for pointing that out.
+Ryan Smith I don't want to jump to conclusions that this fix is coinciding with the opening of Google+ to everyone and therefore done for the sake of making is simple-stupid, but it clearly seems to have made the issue worse. Not that it matters, but I retracted my +1 after having spent less than 3 minutes with the new feature and seeing the duplication and disconnection it makes.
I am patient understanding this is beta and continually under development, and so I do not intent to sound like the Debbie-Downer, I just want to make clear to all the folks who rushed to praise that if you were looking for some level of consolidation, this announcement did not address the issue, in fact, it further fragmented the photo sharing system.
+Armand Salmon Guilty as charged. I was so excited that I +1'd the post as soon as I tried it, but had to retract mine as well. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, I think photo level permissions (in addition to album level "parent" permission) are the only real fix for this. It should work like windows file and folder permissions IMO. But since G+ Photos IS Picasa (which hasn't gotten much TLC the last few years) I'm afraid these issues will take a long time to fix properly.
I truly appreciate the work it must take and the pressure to get things done, but I really hope stay the course they started on and get it "Right" instead of "Right Now". Especially with new users, you can't half-ass something and just change it all later, just ask Facebook!
I made the same observation in this Google Groups support thread (user name xlerate)

I realize that to be able to share a photo within an album, permissions would have to be very granular. It is likely that this is not being done because sub-files are inheriting permissions of the top level directory, in this case the album. If the top level directory has a restrictive set of permissions (non-public) the sub files (individual photos) will inherit these permissions also, where the most restrictive security settings win. This may cause headache for the average user confused as to why he cant share one photo from a non public album.

But as I stated above, I am (to a degree) more content with sharing an individual photo from picasa albums, by sharing the URL of the image. The album does not have to be public, but at a minimum must be set to 'limited, anyone with link' from within Picasa. This feature seems to have broke for a few hours last night, but is working again... for now.

The drawback of course is when clicked, users are taken inside the album and can view the rest of photos in there. That sucks. But it beats sharing the same photography album each time you add a new photo.
Did they take this feature off? I am not seeing the share button on my photos anywhere ...
+Phil Thornton I used both today. The share feature from within the lightbox as presented here will make a copy of the image and place it in a folder labeled with today's date.

The other method of sharing an individual photo from Picasa Web Albums by using the URL was not working for me last night, but resumed functionality today. I sincerely hope this method is not turned off, and remains enabled at least until all of this is sorted out.

+Chandrashekar Raghavan are there plans to make a true share individual photo from album feature enabled? One that does not make a duplicate of the image but uses the same individual photo from your album and shares to your stream, while ensuring other photos in that album are not viewed and keeps comments connected to the same the original album?
Okay, I see the feature now, strange. I would like to just add that creating new albums for each share is a bit annoying, would love to maintain album integrity and still share individual images! Thanks G+ team!
Thanks for the feedback +Ryan Smith +Armand Salmon +Gerard Charnley +Justin Hill! We are starting by giving you an easy way of sharing a single photo with a new audience and starting a separate conversation. We hear you and we will continue to iterate!

Also, thanks for all the requests for photo +1s; I'm itching to +1 individual photos as well! :)
+Chandrashekar Raghavan Thanks for the feedback and for getting back to us on that one. It's very much appreciated. Love the fact that we can now share single images from the albums, it is a feature that I know a lot of people wanted to see.
+Chandrashekar Raghavan Thanks to you as well and for the record, the level of engagement Google team members and leaders have with their users is fantastic and greatly appreciated! Kuddos, man!
I realize that there are different ways to look at all this and it makes sense that posts (or individual conversations) are the jump-off point for how things are implemented on G+. Thanks again for the explanation. I'll shut up and be patient now. ;)
+Chandrashekar Raghavan feedback much appreciated as per other people's comments. One other question - with the image +1's, would you be able to do this historically for past images as well as new ones? Has Google been storing the data from the streams? This would be simply awesome as much of that +1 data is lost in the streams for the early adopters.
Not seeing this - perhaps because I use Picasaweb for everything and never upload photos into G+. I don't have a lightbox view of my images when using picasaweb at all.

Also - the copy of a photo into another folder makes it a complete nonstarter for me. That just needlessly complicates my photo organization.

That being said, I'm impressed at the overall level of engagement by engineers and features implemented on G+, so thanks!
Thank you! Loving the G+ experience... I'm a first gen user, and still loving it.
+Chandrashekar Raghavan If I share a photo from my album will the comments be associated with the photo or the post? I am assuming post for now.
Really love this new feature, and G+ over all.
The share feature doesn't seem to be available in firefox on my mac. I am able to access it from Safari though.
+Jay Patel from what I tested today, no they do not. It is a copy of the image from your album and is stored in the separate album 'photos from posts'. Comments left on the photo shared to your stream will only be connected to that photo and not the original within the album.

Ideally, the photo shared from your album would utilize an embed feature, whereby it actually is the photo, not a copy and would maintain any comments. 
Thank you so much for this feature. This perfects Picasa's integration with G+
Thanks i was waiting it? when the ability to upload photos at 2048x2048 directly from picasa app for win?
+Jay Patel see the comments above from myself,+Armand Salmon +Ryan Smith and +Justin Hill , and subsequent reply from +Chandrashekar Raghavan. The share button creates a duplicate image in the 'Photos From Posts' album and comments are stored there and in your stream. Means you have two images on the go with different comment streams (very few people have picked up on this). Not really ideal but as per reply from Google they are looking into it which is great news.
This feature isn't available to me as yet - is it being rolled out gradually? I also add to the chorus of requests for a +1 in that mode too.
Looks as thought the whole album has to be shared first...true?
+Jerry Kiesewetter no, you can share a single photo from a private album too.

+David Williams welcome to G+! you can share your public photos from Picasaweb to Panoramio (see details here:

+Alex Georgevitch +Samuel So good feedback. With single photo shares, when a viewer shares your photo, they don't get a copy of your photo, just a pointer to the original.

+Филип Милетић the share is preserved if you after sharing you move the photo to a different folder. The Google+ photos help center ( will get updated with details.
Much appreciated, but why is it necessary to duplicate the image and put it into "photos from posts?" I now have two images, one in my album, from where I shared it, and one in images from posts. If I delete the latter my entire posts goes poof!
As +Al Andersen mentioned, sharing your own photos is still a bit confusing... it should be possible to share a single photo from your own album just like when it is just added... just my 2cents!
Thanks. Yes, I knew that, but that wasn't really my question.
Another question too though: Can I use Picasa to perform face recognition of photos in local folders, without uploading the photos anywhere? For example, I have about 1300 photos that I took yesterday when I visited Google in Zürich and would like to find photos featuring specific other users to mail those photos to the people in them, without making them all public.
I'm not seeing this feature at all. I don't see the light box view, though I swear I've seen it before. Should I be able to drill into an album and get there or is there some other secret?
Thanks for writing back. I've drilled as deep as I can into an album down to a particular photo and I see no share option that looks right. I see the standard Picasa share link that goes to E-mail, and a comment box at the bottom but that's it. Are there some requirements regarding the album permissions? Most of mine are limited permission. I never actually get to the black background type of view like in your screenshot though...
Okay, I guess I'm a little confused though because when I click on "photos" it takes me to Picasa web. How do I get to G+ photos? I thought they were merging into one thing. Thanks for helping.
Okay, I found it. I was clicking on the word "photos" in the bar as opposed to the G+ photo icon. I'm having a bad day though I guess because when I clicked "share" the background gets sort of grayed out and a box says "share this photo" with no options. Seems like a bug or something really. I'm on chrome.
I backed out and tried again and the sharing worked. Something was quite weird but I can't reproduce it. Thanks for the help.
Is there any way (I think not) to select some photos in an album to share? That feature is available on other photo sharing sites and would be really valuable for me...
Yes, it would be nice to be able to create virtual albums that contain a subset of photos from the main album, so that you don't have to share the whole album. Lets say I go to a beach party, I take photos and want to share some with work friends, but not others (for the obvious reasons), this currently is not possible. I use Picasa as my main photo management tool, so unfortunately I don't share many photos currently in PicasaWeb or G+ because of this, since I don't want to share the whole album. Oh, and by the way, thanks for having added the possibility to lock (disable re-sharing) albums, that was a very important thing that was missing. I think there should be an option in the privacy/sharing settings to make that the default and allowing re-share on case-per-case.

Just to make it clearer, when I say virtual albums, they aren't something I want cluttering my albums view, but just a logical container to allow subsets of my albums for sharing proposes only. And this should be possible in both Picasa and G+, I prefer to use Picasa (desktop and web versions) to view/edit my pictures, it is a lot faster (processing and usage speeds).

Some people may wonder why I put all the photos in the album if I only want to share some, well I bought extra storage space for Picasa and use it to store all my photos, thus since they are already online I'd like to share subsets of pictures from an album with certain people/circles, other subsets with others, etc.
My use case is almost exactly the same as +Gabriel Rossetti . I bought extra storage so I keep all my photos in Picasa Web, synced, but with an offline backup too in case something untoward happens. However, I'd like to be able to link to photos in private albums without either unlocking the whole album or copying the photo to a Photos from Posts album!
This is great. But how do I share two or three or... photos from one (or even a few different) album(s)? Would you do this possible? Please!
When sharing a photo this way and adding many circles or people to share it with, it's hard to choose names from the dropdown list if you have multiple hits or just want one that you know is at the bottom since scrolling is disabled on the lightbox page. It also hides the Send Feedback button so it's hard to submit an error report showing the problem in action.
The share button is available for the album but grayed out for individual photos....
Firstly, thanks for releasing G+ for GApps users! Now the only real problem I have is this continuing individual photo sharing settings...

It's VERY important that I can have 1 picture in 1 album that I can share with 2 or more circles. And this needs to be integrated tightly into Picasa.

Once this is done, I'm 100% in, and I'll be uploading and sharing my whole picture library.

(side note: I just activated my G+ for GApps about 20 minutes ago and invited everyone I knew. I saw over 10 people around me receive the invite and join as well. Getting your loyal GApps users in is a good move.)
With the intro of the cool photo layout and preview (lightbox), I can no longer access my picasa photos to share with SELECTED circles. I personally don't care about duplicate images not linked to original picasa image and comments. I simply want the option to include any image I have in my post.

Multiples would be nice though... ;-)
+David Hewitt Maybe Google should hire you to do product announcements, as you clearly have a gift for communication.
This is all good for a PC but this is not available in the mobile app (android). Only pictures from the phone can be shared. Is sharing of other albums coming up in the future ??
This is cool, but any reason why you can't do the same with individual videos in an album as well?
Hey! I've got an awesome idea! Guys help me back this up so it gets to Google! +Gabriel Rossetti this is similar to what you suggested, but maybe people understand this concept better:

Instead of copying stuff and managing individual photos, what about having "circles" for photos?
Let me explain: they can still be called albums (or collages), but this time they behave just like the circles. You can add a photo to different circle-albums and share those with whoever you want. So you can keep your whole collections private, then add some of those photos to a circle-album and share it with your people circles. That way, you avoid duplicate photos, you can create collages of your favourite photos and share them in personalized ways to everybody!

This solves all the problems described above, by +Siegfried Kiermayer, +Ryan Smith, +Al Andersen, +Armand Salmon, +Richard Gluga and others.

Wouldn't that be neat? This feature can seem complicated, but it's a simple concept to understand if you understand the "circle" concept of G+, so why not use that further on?

Ok, there may be one problem with this one: comments. Some comments may be private, and may refer to the album they are shared in, so maybe make the comments belong to the circle-album in connection with the photo, so they don't appear if they're shared from different circle-albums. In this way, you can create multiple "discussions" in different groups based on the same photo :) The +1s can be counted in total, because that's not very private.

So, what do you guys think? Can this be DONE?
Question though, how can I share individual photos and have it posted on my blog? Usually, I right click the image in my album then copy image URL to my blog platform. Now, with the new lightbox feature, I cannot copy these links anymore, even though I own the images. I do this since I am not using a website with Blogger format and Google+ has become my repository of photos for my blog use. I hope someone can answer my question. Thanks!
yeah, i cannot link url's to my photos anymore. no more sharing unless it's with the other 12 people on google plus, 9 of which i have no idea who they even are...

google has disappointed me, pulling my photos from google+/google pics/picasa or whatever it will change to this week.
the problem is, i don't want to share an album, i just want to embed certain pics on other sites. we used to be able to do that, and now we can't. that was the only thing i used picasa for, i no longer have a use for it.
Still no way to embed the image on another site.
Nitin G
When will we get permissions for each photo like Flickr and Facebook?
I have two issues. I want to be able to share a single image from an album without having to make the entire album public, and I want to embed a photo on another site.

How do we do that?
The partitioning of photos into albums and visibility levels are based on orthogonal reasons. Album is about what happened as I saw through camera, visibility is about restricting how people see what I saw. Album is a convenient logical unit to present photos, visibility can be added on as an extra filter. Google+ should really offer viewing visibility subset within an album. If performance allows, even offer visibility subset view across all albums.
I am missing the feature of 'Sharing via the link' option with one photo, to share it with selected individuals outside google plus. I can see it for the folder, but not for single photo. In need to get to Picasa for that link.
Same here.  Still not seeing how to embed photos in forum posts, etc from G+ photos.  Are we still relegated to photobucket for this?
Third that, need a "share via link" option for individual photos.
Is there still no way to re-share a photo from an album without duplicating it into photos from posts?
Why can't I share via link? I want to email people links to the photos. Why are you guys fighting the idea of letting people share pictures? It's just pushing me back to flickr now their mobile interface works so well with Android. 
Sorry but this solution is nonsense! Using the share button on the lightbox just duplicates the photo in the photos from posts folder, that is not what I want to do. Why can't a post simply be created to feature the selected photograph while keeping it in the existing album and with any already present activity on it.
The same goes for Events and Communities, why can't I share existing photos without duplicating them?
Nitin G
I don't quite understand the reluctance to have photo level permissions on pictures in Picasa/Google+ albums. The ability to share a selection of pictures from a set vs. the entire album has driven me back to Flickr. This attempt to provide similar functionality is years late and seems to be more of a hack.
I'm back on flickr for sharing. Google might have my photos because of my phone but I don't share them via this platform. I think they just refuse to admit google+ isn't the only social network on earth. 
Riza DP
How do you share a single photo using a link and not your share button?
I am still having to load Picasa Web Albums, turning off the redirect to Google+ Photos, in order to share an individual photo via a link.  This is tedious, but I may just have to abandon Google+ altogether if this feature disappears.
Yes this is really hybrid, all is hybrid, nothing is complete. Web Picasa is no more,  no more share image link, Drive is also not complete for image store, or sharing / on android apps its not thumb view / They push us to Google +, but nobody understand that social site we have lot with Facebook. Uf. Give us services, something what we can use. Nice web technology but without idea.     
This is dumb. Google, just give us a damn direct link to the photo so we can share that link with whoever we want and even post it in forums and stuff. Going back to Flickr, Smugmug, and the multitude of other services that allows this.

Hmmmm... I wonder why my Google+ page is barren of any activity...
+Victor Lin I couldn't agree more strongly. The fact that there isn't a sharing option that just provides the image's URL is beyond frustrating. Google, you can still do all that crappy G+ integrated stuff but give your users the OPTION of sharing the "old fashioned" way. Yes I'm frustrated right now. Grr.
What about sharing a subset of photos from an album? Or a way to create a new album using photos from an existing one?
Can't share image via link... I got the link, but to a HTML, NOT the image. Will try Flickr...
I still just want to have a photo on Google+ and to be able to hit a key "Share this photo" . So do many others.
Frustration ... googling ... Ok they took back the single photo sharing ? :/
Sharing A picture is not a REQUESTED feature it's a CORE feature.
It's like saying the ability to turn the driving wheel of a car is a requested feature.
Brainstorming whiteboard session of the day ? Why people take pictures ?
Why doesn't the share contain a unique URL you can post elsewhere? Don't you want to drive traffic to Google+ I just don't get it. People don't trust your product whatsoever. 
You can only share individual photos in an album with users of Google+. That is an epic #fail!
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