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Picasa 3.9: Now with Google+ sharing and tagging

We just released Picasa 3.9, the latest version of the Picasa client. With this update, you can now share to your Google+ circles and tag people in your circles directly from Picasa. Find out more on the Google Photos blog.
Thursday, December 8, 2011 1:19 PM. Posted by Chandrashekar Raghavan, Product Manager. Picasa 3.9, the latest update to the Picasa client, is ready for you to try out! This update includes Google+ sha...
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Oh, that's good news! Myself and many others were afraid that Picasa was going to get the axe. Good to see it being worked on.
Nice work. Will there be a Linux version any time soon?
Careful... I just uploaded an album to my Google+ Photos page and apparently it automatically tagged my friends and sent them all notifications that I'd tagged them in the photos. I found a setting in the Preferences that was turned on by default, but I think that's bordering on the edge of serious spam and privacy issues..... I certainly wasn't happy it happened.
+Ben Petro before you share the album, Picasa 3.9 shows you a list of people tagged in the album and prompts you to share with them. You can always remove these people from the sharebox and stop them from being notified. If you have more details on what you experienced, feel free to message me privately. /cc +Brian Rose
any reason I can't update it from the help menu in Picasa? says its up to date.
"There was a problem authenticating your account" error all the time.
Tried on several accounts, doesn't matter.
Version 3.8 worked great.
+Johnny B could you send me your account details privately? Does this happen when you attempt to sign in? Or when you click the Share button?
Good work. It is maybe a little off-topic. But can you please include a little options menu for the photo viewer where you can set a specific sort order for displaying if not using Windows Explorer? Over 40 people discussed about this since 2008: I'm using Total Commander and the great little picasa photo viewer is useless for me with that fixed date sort order. Thanks.
+Chandrashekar Raghavan What exact details you need, cuz i tried from several accounts?
One note is that i'm sitting behind Proxy, but, i repeat, it worked great with 3.8 version. And all the credentials of proxy (login, pass)in Tools->Options->Network are set correctly.
Is this tagging thing only valid for new albums or it also syncs old albums already uploaded and tagged on Picasa? I have dozens of albums uploaded before Google+ with hundreds of tags that are only visible in Picasa, and it seems that they are still not recognized in Google+ Photos...
boo! -1
Doesn't run on Linux anymore! :(
+Johnny B thanks, we're investigating what might happening with your account. Did you see a login dialog as soon as you opened the app or when you hit share/login?

+Davide Stefanini we won't automatically share the tags in your old albums on Google+. If you select an album with old tags and share it again, the sharebox will offer you the option to show the tags on Google+.

+Marvin Reimer thanks for the feedback. I will look into it.

+Marc Emil Steen Munk Nielsen We're rolling out this version slowly. For now, the only way to install it is by downloading it from We will soon make it available through auto update channels.

+Ed Greshko +Whitney Hunter +Lemuel Cantos apologies for your frustration. Picasa 3.8 will continue to work on Linux and PWA integrated clients like Shotwell ( are great alternatives for Linux desktop photo organization.
+Matthew Couto Exactly.
The best way would be to allow make it by different techniques. With G+'s link and without, just name it as it is ("my lovely dog").
+Chandrashekar Raghavan I like Picasa but, the only thing missing, for me, is a set of more traditional adjustments for corrrecting photos. The basics like Exposure that all processing apps (except Picasa) seem to have.
+Matthew Couto +Johnny B you can make pure text tags on the Picasa client and upload them to Google+. You can also add text tags directly on Google+. So yes, you can tag your dog :).

Also, +Matthew Couto unless you explicitly share the album with the folks you have tagged, they will not be notified via email. Also, rest assured that we only send 1 tagging email per album per person. So if you have 500 pictures of someone in an album, they will not receive 500 notifications.

+Fraser Smith thanks for the feedback! Btw, a number of these edits are already available now on the web on the Google+ Creative Kit. Open a photo in the lightbox photo viewer, click "Edit Photo" and select "Creative Kit".
cool! Waiting for some revamps in 4.0 though!
Thank you very much for this update +Chandrashekar Raghavan . I just tried to give the the G+ share a try, but the main album I load to share from is not listed as one of my choices. That album originated from blogged photos, so possibly that's why it doesn't appear? Is there something that I can do to make it an option? I appreciate your time and help.
and oh, so you are saying Picasa for Linux is now killed off and no more updates for it post v3.8? Hmmmm!
Please release a native Linux version, not just a wine-compatible one. It looks ugly when running in Wine and totally ruins the beautiful experience of my Linux desktop.
Well, I'd be perfectly fine with a wine compatible / working version rather than what we currently have now : nothing usable.
Please make a Linux version of this. I love using Picasa, but having to go through wine is ugly and inelegant.

Oh, and while you're at it...please add a 'rule of thirds' guide to the crop tool.
Also - Picasa doesn't seem to understand who the albums are shared with - it says "View Online (Limited)", but won't let me see/edit who they're shared with in the client - is this intended? :(
I love it and I don't have to use my cheap editing tools from my camera and scanner software! It organizes my files in every direction for me as I create albums for blogs, Google+, Picasso etc..Thanks Google!
+Chandrashekar Raghavan I'm also incredibly confused by the Share dialog - am I posting to my stream and sharing with people, or am I setting which circles can view an album? There's a big difference - I want to set permissions on my albums - I do not want to spam my feed with "Danny uploaded a photo album" messages! :(
I recommend everyone try it with one photo and go through all the steps to publish it to G+. When you publish the next photo's you will know which steps to skip and publish them directly to albums without raising an eyebrow..almost secretly.
Any plans to have 3.8 , when you check for updates, know there is an update and install it?
+Ferris Marone I saw someone else asked this, and they said they will soon, but for now it's only available via the site (note: it will still "upgrade" your existing installation)
Another vote for a Linux version update... I love using Picasa but can't update...
I see how you can tag everyone in your circles, but how can you tag yourself? The only thing I can use to tag myself has been my own Google Contact for myself, not my actual Google+ account.
+Nicholas Bowers I think they're all the same thing - someone in your Google+ circles is really just a contact with the Google+ profile url in it. I tag myself with my contact, and assume because the email address is the same as my G+ account, it'll know what I mean :-)
+Danny Tuppeny, the pictures are not showing up though. And a lot of my G+ contacts are duplicated as online contacts as well. I really wish there was an easy way to clean this up (any time I try to merge duplicates, it ends up uncircling people).
+Nicholas Bowers I can't get the tagging to work at all - no tags appear on Google+, but I have just one set of contacts including people in my circles. I wonder if when the updating Contact stuff rolls out this will be cleared up better :/
+Danny Tuppeny Are you using sync or share? I noticed that when I use sync it doesn't tag the people even if I subsequently change share the album with them (it does work if I share then sync).

I'd really love to have this feature since sync is just so useful (you can upload photos of an event within hours and then revisit doing some crop cleanup, geotagging and tags). Otherwise I really like the update :D.
+Danny Tuppeny If you have existing name tags on Picasa Web, we're not currently upgrading these to Google+ name tags that can be approved and rejected by the people you tag. And when you share a previously shared album from Picasa 3.9 with a limited audience, you're both sharing the album via a post and updating the album visibility setting. These are good questions and great feedback, and our team will discuss this further, thanks.
+Brian Rose: By sharing a new sync'd album via a post are you then also including the name tags of anyone who is in that album who the album has been shared to?
+Gary Stewart When you share new albums from Picasa 3.9, you should see the people you've name tagged listed in the post's 'Add more people' field before you share, and the name tags should be visible on Google+ to those with access to the album.
+Brian Rose, It seems if I do a sync to web on an album and then share it it doesn't display the name tags of the people I share it to. If I share an album and then sync to web it seems to keep the name tags. Does that make any sense?
+Brian Rose My existing tags are from Picasa, not Picasa Web. How can I make them work with Google+? I don't care if I have to re-tag everyone, but I'd like to get nametags on Google+ (without re-uploading the several GB of photos!).

Also - how do new nametags work when the person does not have a Google+ account - does it display their name on the web app? I've never seen any of my nametags appear on Picasa Web despite them all showing in Picasa - not sure if I've been doing things wrong! :/
+Gary Stewart Yes, Sync to Web albums work differently from an album you explicitly share because we felt there could be different uses or mental models. We want to encourage previous Picasa 3.8 users to join G+ and make them comfortable with how name tagging works on G+, and we should work to clarify this in 3.9 and in our help resources at, thanks.
+Danny Tuppeny If your name tags were never uploaded to Picasa Web and there haven't been any edits made to your photos in the meantime, you should be able to explicitly share on Google+ with a new post, and Picasa 3.9 should sync just your name tags. Try testing it with one album first, and if you're seeing an issue let me know by sending me an email via the link on my profile at +Brian Rose, thanks!
+Chandrashekar Raghavan Better Google+ integration is definitely a good thing. It seem links to Picasaweb are gone from Picasa though. The problem is Picasaweb has a lot of features that Google+ photos does not. Like the ability for chose an album cover, change the order of the photos or download the entire album. Would be nice to see these existing features merged into Google+.
+Brian Rose Thanks for all the feedback, I really do appreciate it :D. I understand the reasons behind that decision though I do think the name tags should be exposed if you subsequently share to someone. After all anyone can just retag the person and, if they can see the photo, they know they are in it anyway :). But for future albums I'll name tag, share and then sync.
I made a brand new album in Picasa client, tagged some people (one already on Google+ in my circles and others only in my gmail contacts), uploaded it and then shared it on G+ via the Picasa client. I see the album in Google+ Photos, I see all the tagged people if I click on "Tag people button", but they are not shown in the photos.
Just saw this "Store name Tags in Photos" option in the options name tagging section.

I hope this does not affect the photos? I am seeing some of my folders have been changed to a recent edit date?
Hmm, my folders apparently showed that they were recently modified, probably due to that exif data being written.

Will this exif face tagging info be available to other applications which support face tags?
linux version please, which is able to work behind a proxy
Hi, as other people I have problem to sync tag from picasa to g+. I have, as other, problem to sync old tag but have problem also with new tag. If I tag someone on picasa and then share the album on g+ it all works. But, I also would like to upload the album from picasa to g+(without people tag), and then, in another time, tag people from picasa software and then sync tag. Is it possible? I can't find a way to do it. No way to sync people tag from picasa to g+ after I shared(and so uploaded) photo.
Ben Lee
And why is the caption put on the side nav, should be under the picture where viewer does not have to search for it. And please add capability to set album cover. So far feels more like a downgrade from picasaweb
+Chandrashekar Raghavan Two things alarmed me in the new Picasa. I wanted to upload a private picture to my son, and I gave ONLY his name, but it appears to have made a public post. Is that true? Is there a way to upload private albums anymore? Second is that I use AutoPano, and Version 3.8 of Picasa allowed me to export a set of pictured to AutoPano, and now that option on the bottom toolbar has been removed. Is that intentional, or is there a way to restore that? Is there any other way to create panoramic pictures? Thanks!
+Bill Gross The photos should be made private by default (on Google+ anyway). Check to ensure that public isn't listed in the sharing. They also cleaned up the toolbar but you can get the button back by going to Tools -> Configure Buttons and you should be able to add it back from there. Also I'd totally recommend Hugin for panoramic photos ;).
Picas updates x.80 and x.81 have broken it for me...on Win7, long hang ups for no reason and very poor performance. Its back to the original 3.9 release for me now, wont be applying the updates again.
+Chandrashekar Raghavan hang ups or intermittent 'Not Responding' happens when launching, scrolling albums in the Right viewing area or when scrolling in the left folder pane. The menus at the top (tools etc) also become unresponsive. Hardly able to click on the People section above folders.

It been fine since i switched back to release x.78 the original 3.9. I was a bit surprised by the .80 change log which suggested hangups were fixed for it introduced those to me :)

Hi +Chandrashekar Raghavan
Me and my friends have a question on Picasa 3.9. If we share image(s) from picasa to a circle, everyone within that circle gets notified. Can you share without notification?

+Johnny J
Hi I am not sure if the issue is solved yet but I had exactly the same problem with Picasa 3.9. I solved it by revoking the Picasa permissions in my Google account (Account Settings -> Security -> Account Permission -> Revoke Picasa permissions). After the next Sign In from the Picasa software it worked.
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