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We've been gearing a lot about changes in TSA security being tested and coming down the pipe for everyone else. What's happening? Why are they making this even more difficult? This is a great, simple article that provides some logical answers to a confusing topic. Remember to visit to book your summer trips, or call 913-937-9444 and we can get you set up!
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Don't forget! Only 2 more days to take advantage of our Fall Round trip promotion! Book a round trip and receive 5% off the total. Let us drive incoming family while you bake away at home for the holidays! Call us at 913-937-9444 or visit to book online. Use promo code FALL
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Hello, Kansas City!

As you're gearing up for the busiest and best time of year, so are we! Champion Shuttle is preparing every aspect of our business to be able to handle as many travelers as possible! Champion Shuttle is invested in making sure that our guests have the best experience possible with us and helping in any way we can. whether you're flying into the Kansas City International Airport or flying out of the Kansas City International Airport, we're here to serve you.

We're all aware of how frustrating TSA can be sometimes, but we all understand the importance of why the standards are so rigorous. Here are a few highlights of how to avoid holdups with security and to insure a smooth travel season for you and yours!

-Arriving early is imperative so you can actually get on the plane. TSA recommends 2 hours early for domestic flights and 3 hours for international. Champion Shuttle recommends 1 1/2 hours early for domestic flights from Kansas City International Airport and 2 1/2 hours for international.

-ID requirements. Make sure they're not expired several weeks BEFORE your flight. Specific details can be found on TSAs website, but it basically boils down to a governmental or governmental recognized agency issued photo ID. Children under 18 travelling with a parent are not required to have identification. If you lose your ID the day of your flight, don't panic! There are detailed instructions that TSAs website can provide you with.

-Remember to check your state's compliance with the upcoming change to REAL ID. As of now, Kansas is in full compliance with the change and Missouri is not. So after January 30th, 2017 you will have to have a passport to board a plane in the US.

-Cell phone use on a plane is only acceptable in airplane mode. Please don't use your phone and endanger the lived of those around you. If you're unsure, ask your seat partner or a flight attendant for instruction.

-When going through TSA seniors 75+ don't have to remove their shoes and can keep on a light jacket in the event they don't set the sensor off!

-If you have plates, probes, devices pr anything holding your body together that might set off an alarm, tell the agent before you go through. Communication is key.

Liquids should be less than 3.4 oz and in a resealable bag. The only exceptions will be medications. Again, tell them before it gets to them.

These are some of the things that Champion Shuttle has to offer for advice. For more info, the Department of Homeland Security has an entire website available to you for free (link provided)! And again, if you're flying in or out of Kansas City International Airport give us a call! We'd love to meet you!
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Tip Number 4 comes from recent experiences that have happened to customers from industry competitors.

If you're ever charged incorrectly from what your documentation shows, ergo the confirmation email or something similar, contact that company immediately and ask to speak with the person in charge of billing. Restitution of your money should be absolutely immediate. If they give you the run-around, call the Attorney General and submit a case with them. We have seen local companies that have done this fraudulent activity to the point it's almost laughable they're still in existence.
How do you avoid these companies?
Do your homework. Check online reviews and read them very carefully. How does that company respond to negativity? There's a lot to be said for a company that can admit wrongdoing and make it right. Are the problems that people complain about repetitive? How old are the reviews? Are they under new management or have they changed ownership?

Have a great weekend everybody!

The <3 of a Champion,

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Tip number 3:

Look/inspect the vehicle you're being picked up in. Cleanliness is the most obvious/cosmetic clue to how that company values not only their own equipment, but you: their customer. You deserve to travel in a clean, safe vehicle. Past cosmetic issues, inspect that your seat belt works and will protect you in the event of an accident. Glance at the tires when you're climbing in to the vehicle. Tires are one of the most important parts of a vehicle that really need to be at 110%. Look for warnings in the control panel of the vehicle. Lots of older cars will always have the check engine light on and can never get it to turn off.
To wrap this up, be aware of your surroundings. It could save you from a terrible experience.

The <3 of a champion.

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Tips number 2:

While there aren't many federal, state, or local regulations for companies like Champion Shuttle, there are a ton for companies that transport large numbers of people at once, meaning buses and other large people movers. Some of these easily transfer to the smaller companies and are extremely vital for your safety as a consumer (as well as the survival of a company in the case of a tragedy).

Federal safety regulations include not only licensed drivers, but qualified drivers. Champion Shuttle has set an age minimum (congruent with our insurance provider) of 21 to be contracted as a driver. Individuals with severe eye impairment should not be driving a commercial vehicle.

Watch for fatigue in your driver. While we love to converse with our passengers and get to know them as people, some companies don't do that. Watch for head nodding, prolonged eye closure, excessive yawning. If these things are noticed, engage the driver and maybe convince them to pull over and grab a coffee or drink that will help them wake up. I've heard stories of drivers going to a bathroom and doing short workout routines to get their blood going and energy levels up. While this is comical and downright weird for others in the bathroom, it could save a life!

The most obvious one to watch out for is a driver that is under the influence and alcohol or drugs. This should never happen and if it does call the company you're riding with immediately, followed by the police.

Thanks for checking in and reading Champion Shuttle's travel hints/tips. Until next time!
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First up on our list of things to look for is simply looking before booking. If you aren't aware of a company from your community or national advertisement, take five minutes to look at their online reviews through google, Facebook, yelp, and sometimes even travel websites. No company is perfect and will generally have hiccups throughout their schedules. This, in my opinion is somewhat permissible if it's a rare occurrence. I would judge the company's character and honesty off of how they fix those hiccups. Never, is it okay to blame a customer for an experience that happened TO THEM. It is the duty of a good business person to take the reigns, be in control of the situation, and simply make it right (no matter what it may cost you).
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Hello! Thank you for checking out Champion Shuttle Inc. and your interest in safe travel in the Kansas City region. We will be posting safety tips about finding the company that's best for you and helpful hints about what to look for in a transportation provider. #mci   #kci   #kcitransportation   #mcitransportation   #kcairport   #kansascitytravel  
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