Google's Head of Product for Allo and Duo and previously Lead of Hangouts, Amit Fulay answers some questions and clarified some misnomers regarding Allo, Duo and Hangouts.

1. Allo and Duo for Consumers and Hangouts Chat and Meet for Productivity/Business.

2. Allo and Duo aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

3. Desktop Support is coming to Allo.

4. They launch updates for Allo and Duo every three weeks.

5. Allo and Duo will remain separate apps but they are working on integrating both which each other.

6. Duo is a separate app and not built-into Allo because Google wants​ to make it as easy as voice calling. It will be harder to do that and more confusing if you have to access Allo which was created for chatting to call someone.

7. Hangouts for Consumers will remain. Though he didn't clarify if it will stay in it's current version or eventually be updated into Hangouts Chat/Meet.
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