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Jolly Cow: Chocolate Milk: Chocolate Goodness in Every Box
It's the season to be jolly!  And what better way to share joy this Christmas season than to spread word about my new discovery?  I recently stumbled upon Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk and my curiosity got piqued with this new product. As someone who prefers cho...
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Be A Part of Change, Be Part of #DDIBarkada
Four years into blogging and I ponder, am I doing what I intended to do when I started it? When I started blogging, I used to write about the things I love to do or thoughts I love to say without having to care whether people read it or not, as long as my t...
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Change The Way You See Love
 “Why are you still single?” I could no longer count how many
times I’ve been asked that question. And to each single time that I’m having
the feeling that my relationship status is in the limelight, I’m already on the
lookout for the most clever or unimagi...
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Kadayawan Boodle Feast at Kusina Sa Subli
Who would have thought that in a residential subdivision far down south lies an undiscovered haven of delectable dishes that will surely keep you craving back for more? What makes it more interesting is that this food haven offers something we cannot resist...
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"Grow Up"
Dear You, GROW UP. These were the two words you have always heard from the man you once loved. I could see there was pain in your eyes, but you took all these words in, swallowed them like a bitter pill hoping that it would change things and make your relat...
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Go, climb a mountain.
When you feel like giving up, go and climb a mountain.  When you need a breather, climb a mountain.  Yes, it's difficult and exhausting but the lessons you learned along the way are rewarding. You'll appreciate the value of slowing down or else you'll miss ...
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Where to Stay in Digos City: Avenue One Hotel
a few weekends of not allowing myself to travel, I finally found myself reclining
comfortably on a bus en route to the gate city of the south, Digos, Davao del Sur. This kind of feeling was
something I looked forward to as my commitment to service in ...
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hi mam. good day! reseller ka ug One Earth Organic Skincare? asa imung shop bnda mam?

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The OFF PRICE Show: Invading Davao on September 02
Mark your calendars as another exciting shopping experience awaits you on the return of THE OFF PRICE SHOW in Davao City! Yes, you heard it right! Currently on its 4th year, the country's first roving sale concept store is back again in the metro to bring y...
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ETC Paintensity Kadayawan 2016
Kadayawan, street parties and music festivals are only a few of what most
people look forward to. Although Davao City is known for its strict policies
and curfew, the city is proud to say that Davaoeños definitely know how to
party, wet and wild and c...
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Establishing Your Own Fashion Label
you’re walking down the street and you see people wearing clothes considered to
be fashionable, you may well think that you can do it cooler, better and
cheaper yourself. If you’ve had some fantastic ideas and you have an eye for
the creative, bringing...
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Date a Dutertard. She follows the rules and she's careful not to break them. She's willing to give up her momentary pleasures for a greater cause. At first she m ight resist, but eventually, she will get to understand that rules are made for her own welfare...
Date a Dutertard. She follows the rules and she's careful not to break them. She's willing to give up her momentary pleasures fo...
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