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Annapurna's World Vegetarian Cafe
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Today 7:00 am – 9:00 pm
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2201 Silver Ave SE Albuquerque, NM 87106
2201 Silver Avenue SoutheastUSNew MexicoAlbuquerque87106
$Vegetarian Restaurant, Bakery
Vegetarian Restaurant
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Organic Restaurant
Today 7:00 am – 9:00 pm
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Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Café® is a world-class Vegan~Vegetarian Restaurant with locations in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. We offer homestyle organic vegan food. There are many vegetarian restaurants in the nation, however, what differentiates Annapurna's is our ability to offer Ayurvedic vegan fresh food that is locally grown. Our organic vegan fresh food is offered with spices and vegetarian food that are made fresh daily.

Eating on the go with fast foods can quickly lead to fast food addiction which, in turn, leads to severe imbalance of your physical and mental well-being. Annapurna's World Vegetarian Cafe has the cure to this everyday imbalance. It's known as the "Ayurvedic Way" or most commonly known as "The Science of Life." Most foods target your sweet taste buds and only your sweet taste buds, and this causes your body to crave carbohydrates and sugars. Sattvic, also known as pure food, targets six tastes in every meal- sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent and pungent. With every plate combining these six tastes, your body receives a balanced and more relaxed feeling with every bite. So when you are looking for an organic Vegan Restaurant with authentic vegetarian native foods, stop and visit Annapurna's World Vegetarian Restaurant at one of our two Vegan Restaurants in Albuquerque or Santa Fe.

Annapurna's offers a sit down restaurant or take-out food with our Car-ma curbside service. So the next time you are in a hurry, you can still eat native foods that are made with organic vegan food at our Albuquerque or Santa Fe Restaurants. it's food that is made fresh daily.

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Local cafe chain serving globally influenced Ayurvedic vegetarian/vegan dishes in a colorful space.- Google
"Amazing food and fantastic tea selections."
"Annapurna Chai House should be sued for damaging the image of Indian food."
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Rajesh K R's profile photo
Rajesh K R
a week ago
The place is not even worthy of a single star. I am an Indian and was looking for indian restaurants around Albuquerque. I was surprised to see a vegetarian cafe list in my search and was eager to visit which I now regret. Never has it happened that I had to leave most of the food on my plate behind after paying insanely for it. The dosa was thick and undercooked that you could see the sticky batter underneath, the masala for the dosa was a mix of all vegetables with a weird mix of spices, the same spice mix was used in all the curry's served whether its the north indian thaali or south indian sampler thaali or idli sambar. Idli's had another story to be told, they were yellow in color and dipped in a sambar(curry) that again had the weird spice mix. The spice mix was overpowering and left a bad aftertaste. It is not in any way a representation of the Indian food. I think if anyone is looking for some indian food its best to skip this place for good. The only saving grace was rice with dal . The other was the realization that my wife cooks way better than whats served here. I didnt dare to order desserts or even Chai (Tea). This is definitely a place i will never visit again.
• • •
Response from the owner - a week ago
I guess you would be disappointed if you thought you were going to an Indian restaurant but we are not. We are first and foremost an Ayurvedic vegetarian restaurant offering world flavors, thus the name "world vegetarian cafe". Ayurvedic principles run throughout our menu and we do not serve curry as it doesn't exist in Ayurvedic cooking. Additionally, we focus on organic, gluten-free and other specialty dietary needs. Though we have tried hard to make sure we aren't listed on any boards as an Indian restaurant, we have been unable to completely eradicate the issue.
Holly DiSalvi's profile photo
Holly DiSalvi
5 months ago
I got the North Indian food sample and I got sick, so so sick. I took my mom and she had the samosa and the soup of the day. My mom threw up right after getting out of the car. Then I threw up 15 minutes later. We both are not very familiar with vegan food but something tasted moldy. Maybe a visit from the health inspector is in need.
Carl Woodham
2 months ago
fantastic food and variety. Always our number one stop in Albuquerque. I hope they franchise and go national in the future.
Cammy Finley's profile photo
Cammy Finley
a year ago
Sampler platter is tasty. The samosas are very very good. The drinks are refreshing. Expensive. Self service. We cannot eat here often because the food causes so much gas, but thats our problem I guess.
Cal McKeon's profile photo
Cal McKeon
3 months ago
They gave me a "ginger and lemon" drink that cost 4$ and was 90% sugar, more sugary than soda, I am a vegan and haven't had soda in a loooong time but I promise you I am not over-exaggerating. I asked for a refund and they said they don't give refunds, and I asked to talk to the manager, the girl working there said there was no manager. So I asked for coffee to go instead (it was a hot day, but at least coffee tastes ok after it cools down) and they said the espresso machine is down, so even if it was working they're not actually serving coffee, they're serving watered down espresso, and then they said the only other option is hot tea in the middle of a 100f degree day. So I said I was shocked about how they can lie on thier menu about what they are serving, not even cater to actual vegans/ vegitarians who prefer things to have as little sugar in them as possible (I am a 24 year old vegan by choice since beginning highschool when I became an animal rights activist, most of what I eat since then has been dark greens. I am also a graduate of the University of Asheville, NC, on of the most respected colleges in the world for health and wellness) and without asking me to leave she said she was going to call the police, not going to call the police if I didn't leave, she was going to call them because I requested to talk to the manager. Considering the police in this city are notorious for shooting first at any minor problem, this establishment literally threatened my life and my health since I haven't had that much sugar in my system since I was 13. I am really saddened that I would give any establishment that wants to be vegetarian based such a terrible review, but this was the worst, most humiliating experience I ever had in any restaurant. The kids working there were unsupervised, did not appear to be vegan or vegetarian, and seemed to ironically look down on people who were. I was visiting family from the Pacific Palisades, close to L.A., where there are hundreds of authentic, loving vegan restaurants. Because of this place I will do whatever I can to never visit ABQ again.
• • •
Lee Munson's profile photo
Lee Munson
4 months ago
This is THE place for Vegans to eat healthy and drink Chai in Albuquerque. If you are looking for super healthy food or just need a breakfast burrito to get you through the day it's here.
Na La's profile photo
Na La
11 months ago
Well, they say the first impressions are the most important, and we...had to wait a bit. Why this place insists on having you order at a mostly full counter with seemingly scores of food choices, is beyond me. You have a situation where every person ordering is almost overwhelmed with choice, which delays the ordering for everyone else behind them. There's gotta be a better way. (We experienced this in their Santa Fe location also.) Having said that, man they give you yummy food, lots of it, and it's a great deal. The chai is amongst the best I've ever had, not overly sweet like many places make it. Lot of Vegan options, which is what we were looking for. Food was served fast for what we ordered, so that makes up for the wait to order your food. Ambiance is lacking. Not sure what the deal is with many restaurants in New Mexico, it seemed an afterthought to make your place inviting or cozy or even just a theme. Most of the places we went just put tables in a big room, put some decoration on the walls or ceiling, and called it a day. You gotta put a little bit more effort into these things to make eating out fun! Having said that, this place tasted good, and ultimately that's what counts the most. A solid 4 stars.
• • •
Stephen Ratcliff
3 months ago
Amazing food! Great service and great product!


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