CF-Auto-Root for GT-I9505 SGS4 LTE (Qualcomm) updated

The above-mentioned CF-Auto-Root includes the new version of SuperSU that has been adjusted to work on the new Samsung SGS4 firmwares.

That version of SuperSU has also been tested and found working on the I950*0*, however unfortunately I have not been able to produce a working CF-Auto-Root for this Exynos SGS4 yet. The final piece of the puzzle that still needs to be fixed is flashing a modified cache.img. So far, I've been unable to produce a modified cache.img that ODIN will flash without errors ... Not sure what is going on here.

Already modified to process to include SEAndroid/SELinux file contexts inside the produced image, but that still doesn't work; nor does creating the image on the phone itself. 

If anyone has any ideas or willing to help (and knows his way around make_ext4fs, making and flashing custom images, etc), it would be most welcome. Remember I don't actually have the I950*0* so its hard for me to work with either way.
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