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CF-Auto-Root for GT-I9505 SGS4 LTE (Qualcomm) updated

The above-mentioned CF-Auto-Root includes the new version of SuperSU that has been adjusted to work on the new Samsung SGS4 firmwares.

That version of SuperSU has also been tested and found working on the I950*0*, however unfortunately I have not been able to produce a working CF-Auto-Root for this Exynos SGS4 yet. The final piece of the puzzle that still needs to be fixed is flashing a modified cache.img. So far, I've been unable to produce a modified cache.img that ODIN will flash without errors ... Not sure what is going on here.

Already modified to process to include SEAndroid/SELinux file contexts inside the produced image, but that still doesn't work; nor does creating the image on the phone itself. 

If anyone has any ideas or willing to help (and knows his way around make_ext4fs, making and flashing custom images, etc), it would be most welcome. Remember I don't actually have the I950*0* so its hard for me to work with either way.
[GT-I9505] CF-Auto-Root Galaxy S 4 i9505 Original Android Development
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Nice... Any idea when you will you update triangle away? ^_^ 
+jonathan capellan Interesting, it's Qualcomm based so it should just work like on the I9505 ... are you sure T/A doesn't work ? What does it say/do ?
Hi, vacation is history. :-) what do you think when it is possible to use mobile Odin on the gt-i9505? Best regards regards Michael
It shows my current status, counter 7, Binary custom. When I run TA it says its successful and shows everything reset. When I check in settings my device it still shows as custom. When I check in Odin mode it show custom. When I reboot the phone and run TA again, it shows the same counter 7 binary custom. I'm on stock rooted.
Has anyone experienced charging problems after rooting?
Hopefully ES Explorer will work soon.
With preerooted ME2 it works but now on Auto-Rooted MDM it wont show root folders.
Thanks! I know other people in the SGH-M919 XDA forum are hoping for it too. Maybe it has something to do with the update that locked down the kernel.
Marc P.
Thanks alot, great work.
+Chainfire I know my way around Ext4fs/odin images. Im willing to give it a try.
Only problem (if u can call it that) I have is I check for updates and there's none, but when I restart it says there is ..and it happens too quick to do anything
But I'm not worried...ill update when all the kinks and bugs are sorted out, seeing a lot of complaints atm
+Jose Faria according to some other sources, only the make_ext4fs present on the actual I9500 device will work in making flashable I9500 images. Which is darned odd it'll keep nagging at me until I find out why (and find a solution?)

+Hesham Othman is the bootloader unlocked? What is the model number? You willing to test? Is there a stock firmware available?
+Chainfire the bootloader is unlocked and the device model is SPH-L720 and yes willing to test and there a stock firmware available.. The MDC firmware can be easily rooted with motochoper root kit but a new ota MDL screws the root as the kernel has been patched with the setuid I believe.. 
You're the man. Just rooted a Galaxy S4 last night and installed your SuperSU app. I also paid for the pro version on my Epic 4G Touch. Keep up the good work. 
+Chainfire I just Odined your CF-AutoRoot for Sprint variant L720 on stock unmodified MDL. Worked great. No nag. Thanks!
Same here and thanks.....will find donate button tonight.
Kan de GT-I9505 (XXUAME2) worden geroot met CF-Auto-Root-jflte-jfltexx-gti9505? En ik begreep dat er SuperSU problemen waren?
yup. mijne hiermee gedaan. dl supersu daarna vd play store :-)
I had my i9505 encrypted, both device storage and sd card. After rooting, password doesn't work, any idea please?
+Michal Stano  I have the same problem. After entering the password, I see a brief flash of the green Android as usual, and then the screen just goes black. I have to take the battery out to power cycle it, and can never get it to boot. If I do a factory reset and then try to encrypt it again when it's already rooted, it reboots to try to encrypt the storage but fails, and comes back to the real system still unencrypted. I see you posted that in August — did you ever get any response from +Chainfire ?
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