Triangle Away updated to v3.25 - Android 4.4 support for S4 and Note3

Samsung keeps switching things in their bootloaders, their /system, and their protections. Naturally this requires an update to Triangle Away for these new firmwares.

As an unexpected side-effect of the changes, the Note3 is now also supported, but only on Android 4.4. Assuming they keep the bootloader more or less the same between the international Note3 and the carrier versions, those should also work with this version once they get 4.4 firmwares.

As you are probably aware, Triangle Away is not able to reset the KNOX Warranty Void status at this time. Various people have reported that they got their devices fixed under warranty even with this status set, but if your service center will be as kind is impossible to know beforehand.

Still, the binary status needs to be official and the counter 0 on recent bootloaders if you want to do fun things like flash modems with for example Mobile ODIN (update coming as well). Otherwise the bootloader will mark those regions of the flash storage as protected, and they cannot be written to (causing freezes and whatnot).

As always, it may take a few hours for Google Play to make the new version available for you - see the link in the box below. Discussion thread on XDA is here:

- Updated support for the SGS4 Qualcomm family: Android 4.4.2
- Added support for the Note3 Qualcomm family on Android 4.4.2 (only)
--- Note3 QC INTL GT-N9005
--- Note3 QC T-Mobile SM-N900T (untested)
--- Note3 QC Sprint SM-N900P (untested)
--- Note3 QC Canadia SM-N900W8 (untested)
--- Note3 QC Asia SM-N900S/2/6/8/9 (untested)
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