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CF-Auto-Root updates

Today I've added the first Note4 (Asia only) models to the list: SM-N910C, SM-N910U, SM-N9106W -

I've also added S5 Prime (Higher resolution Korean S5) models to the list: SM-G906K, SM-G906L, SM-G906S -

Last but not least, a CF-Auto-Root was added for the Android TV (ADT-1):

Remember, I need stock recovery.img files to add new models. If you find a non-supported device firmware, kindly download it, extract the ZIP (if any), rename the .tar.md5 file to .tar, open it with untar, WinRAR, or whatever your favorite archiver is (most can open .tar), extract the recovery.img file, and post it in the central CFAR thread here -

As always, the full list of CF-Auto-Root's can be found at my site -
When newer firmwares are released for a certain device, sometimes that firmware includes new bootloaders that prevent kernels based on the old firmwares from booting. This usually coincides with a transition to a newer Android version. In that case, the CF-Auto-Root for download here may no ...
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You are the man root access for the note 4 whew! Any word or tripping Knox? 
+chainfire - I need help. Whenever I try to use mobile odin I get this message saying: "A compatible device has been detected but with an unexpected partition layout. Mobile ODIN cannot operate. This is a common error on CM and MIUI ROMs on some devices." how do I fix/solve this issue. Pls help. My email is:
I'm using Samsung galaxy S1 GTI9000
Pls I have an iPhone (2nd hand). I'm stuck with with icloud activation. Pls help me.

Excellent work ChainFire, thanks for sharing!!
thanks for your work. my model matches on your devices table, sm-g900md (galaxy s5 duos) but your update is for KOT49H.G900MDUBU1ANG3. mine is ANF3.. yours seems to be newer right? is there a problem to auto root with different build id ? thank you very much
You are the MAN. Thanks to your work millions of people can break free from harassment technological that every day the big companies try to impose with force to end users. Lock a bootloader and not grant root permissions is illegal. Is like someone have the keys of my house.
CF root for N910C's works on N910S(SKTelecom in Korea) correctly.
Thanks! XD
Woooooooohooooooooo chainfire, you're the man. 
He also rooted the T-Mobile Samsung avant! Way to go!
+DroidMote Server / Client We should have the right to access the whole system in the phone we bought. It should not be limited due to the few of greedies.
+Leo Cheng I really  think that it is an already existing right in any democratic country. The manufacturer of the device, can not have more permission of the owner. This can cause serious problems for privacy. Is like the manufacturer have the keys of my house or of all my private data. From 30 years in Windows, Linux and Mac OS we have always had the administrator permissions and no one has ever died. The countries do not yet know these monopolistic practices adopted by major manufacturers, it is our duty to inform at least with complaints. The reality is that the Majors (seller of songs and movies) impose this model which I believe today is totally illegal. The real and definitive solution is to start legal actions in every country. We will enforce all together what is our right.
Security and DRM can be implemented in many ways even with root permissions but without violating the fundamental human rights. Privacy is a fundamental right.
STP moi j,si in defy mb526 . je besoin gpps v4.4.2
I get NEW Model's stock recovery.
Model name's SM-N910S , this is Galaxy Note 4 for Korea SKTelecom.
Where can I send the recovery.img file?
Posted the N910S and N910W8 CFAR's to my site
Wow.  Looks like a ton of stuff.  I don't suppose that you'll be able to root the SM-900a?
And N9100 now. And no, as answered a hundred times before, this is not for locked bootloaders such as AT&T/VZW devices. Vote with your wallet, don't buy locked devices.
Sorry.  I'm new to this whole thing with the Galaxy.  If I'd known I would have done things differently, although having a locked -- or unlocked device -- isn't always the only consideration when one choose a carrier -- or device.
There's no need to apologize. However, that doesn't change the fact that I don't do devices with locked bootloaders :) Life is too short to waste my time on that.
Chainfire , I have some problems need your help , i use your CF Auto Root to succeed  root my N910U , but after few hours , the SuperSU show me that the su binary file can't update , i tried to root again and delete SuperSU , but the problems still here , what should i do now?? Please help me !
Are you working on an SM-N910G Version yet? Anything You need to make that happen?
Just a question, I have a SM-N910U, and I live in France. I'have a trouble because my smartphone don't recognise the 4G and th 3G I thinck that it comes of the Rom certainly. So my question is, Could I put the rom of a Exynos model like the SM-N910C on my SM-N910U ?
Chainfire: I need the SG version. My model is SM-N910G. Thanks in advance. Cheers!
In the new galaxy note 4 with Exynos 5433 processor will be able to use the triangle wayl
Chainfire, LRW87K just dropped for the ADT-1 (molly) and your autoroot no longer works. Is there anything I can do to help?
+Joao Simoes You have download link somewhere? Can't find it, and my own device says there's no update.
Nice hi anyone know note 3 neo sm-n7505 to update in kitkat
thanks a lot 4 ur wonderful work .
i wanna aske u about some thing .
every time when i try to root my note 4 n910c  in Odin it say fail !!! 
what can i do please 
Any idea when you will have it ready for sm n 910a?
Yeah that would be great "N910A" we would greatly appreciate any update.
Does rooting a China version of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 allow you to install Google Play on them? In other words, does that mean you can download a Google Play apk, install it, and then run with no problem? Or are there other steps needed?
Can you root the samsung galaxy note 4 sm-n910a please. I have been looking for days to see if I can.
thanks in advance
I have a SM-910G. I downloaded and saved on my computer. Unzipped the same and dropped the files into the Phone Storage - Device/Download/Root Folder. When I click to Start Odin3-vX.X.exe it ask me "Open As" Text, Audio, Video, Image or Other. No option for PDA comes up. What am I doing wrong? TIA
I know you've said you will not be attempting to root the n910A because of the locked boot loader. I'm sure you've heard it a million times already.... I wish you would reconsider, as someone with a little above average knowledge of how it all works I really enjoy all the things that come with rooting my device. Having said that I lack the knowledge of coding and such to be able to do it on my own. I've come to depend on people like you and would love to see it happen for the AT&T note 4. Thanks
Hey +Chainfire​, sorry if this is a repeat question, but any chance note 4 will be getting trainglw 🔺 away support.? 
Any release on SM-N910V (Verizon Note 4)
do you have a release for GT-I9192 I9192XXUBNB1 my device with KNOX 1.0
 Android 4.2.2
Тупо файл не скачиваеца лучше не скачивать позор! !!
hi i need root to galagsy s3 i9300i 4.3 jelly bean please 
I need too my galaxy note2 (gt-N7100) kitkat 4.4.2
I downloaded the files via xda. I got them all except the "". Where is it???
I haven't looked too deep into rooting my Note 4 through Verizon yet, but out of curiosity, does anyone know if it has the same deal pre-programmed in as the S4 had where it ran into trouble downloading and installing system updates OTA after it's been rooted? =/
I am trying to root my note 4  910P from sprint and when i try to download CF Auto Root it says "BANDWIDTH LIMIT EXCEEDED". Please let me know what to do.
+Khalid Alaioby
Hi, did you manage to root it bro? I have the same device, and i'm still stuck without admin privileges... i just want to root it, no custom rom here :(
Just a question... if there's no custom ROM for Note 4, is there any other reason to root your phone?
please help us to find for this device sm-n910v
When will you find a root method for Att Note 4? (SM-N910A)
+Chainfire hi! want to ask if CF auto-root will work on Android 5.0.1 for I9505? I check CFAR webpage and it doesn't show that it does. Currently supporting till Android 4.4.2

Thanks in advance!
De que sirve comprar un equipo tan caro si no puedo hacerle lo que yo quiera
Hey chainfire please come up with AT&T NOTE 4 root please!!
I second the ATT Note 4 motion!!! Please?
plz i need root for SM G361H bulid number LMY48B.G361HXXU0APC1
help me plz 
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