SuperSU updated to v1.60

KNOX KNOX! Who's there? Super! Super who? SuperSU!

There's three seconds of your life you won't get back. This version of SuperSU works on the newer SGS4 firmwares that appear to have KNOX built-in, or if not that, at least SELinux set to Enforcing. (for more details on that, see this post: - also for instructions on how to remove that annoying popup that your device has been compromised). You will need to re-root on these firmwares, just updating through Play will not work.

There's been some other fixes as well, most notably a problem with the OTA survival in Android 4.3 has been corrected.

New binaries are included, but installation is not forced if you are running the previous binary, as you only absolutely need this binary upgrade if you are running SELinux in Enforcing mode, in which case you have to re-root anyway, and you would automagically already have the correct binaries. So don't worry if it doesn't ask you to update binaries.

All the CF-Auto-Root's have been updated as well at , and you can get the latest flashable ZIP here:

Let me know if there are any new issues. But please do keep in mind that problems with the new KNOX firmware may not be my problem. SuperSU is only the window to the internals of the firmware and device - if those internals change (not the window), your root-using apps may need to be updated to work with the changed internals.

As a reminder to those KNOX-firmware users: do not use Mobile ODIN or Triangle Away until they've been updated or your phone will explode.

- Added SELinux+Enforcing compatibility (for new SGS4 ROMs)
- Fixed (newest) CWM versions asking you question that break root if answered wrongly
- Fixed issue with the TWRP/CWM binary installer 
- Fixed 4.3 OTA survival looping
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