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SuperSU v2.79 SR2

The SR1 release changed a lot of SELinux handling aimed at Android 7.x. A bug in this handling caused the installation to break on older firmwares. This update fixes that specific bug.

There were a number of reports of bootloops with SR1 on pre-7.0 firmwares, please re-report them (in the BETA thread) if they still happen with SR2 - otherwise I will assume them corrected by this patch.


Download flashable ZIP:

SuperSU BETA thread on XDA:

- supolicy: fix some segfaults(NPEs) in pre-7.0 sepolicy handling
- ZIP: write boot block device once instead of twice (@_alexndr)
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Can't update binary because KNOX. Can't disable KNOX because reasons. Fail. Any ideas? Love your work, BTW.
Idk what happens but when I flash sr1 it put my kernel back to stock when flashed ROM kernel Gapps and then sr1 for some reason 
Just flashed this and put my kernel back to stock Nexus 6 OctOs ROM and franko kernel 
It doesn't work for the Moto G4 plus stock :(

Sr1 caused my OnePlus One with Resurrection Remix 5.8.0 Nougat rom to randomly reboot. 
Sorry if this is a dumb question. After flashing this, is SELinux supposed to be in Permissive mode? When I go to BBS settings > Advanced, it is telling me that my SELinux is in Permissive mode.

Nexus 6P, Stock Android 7.1.1 January, Franco Kernel r43, SuperSU-v2.79-SR2. 
+brandon carlson That is normal. Because When SuperSU updates in systemless mode it has to patch the stock boot.img rather than the ones that already patched, so your boot.img will recover to the backup ones you install SuperSU the first time, and kernel is in boot.img. Reflashing the kernel is fine.
+Bikram Agarwal of course not. if you want to change your selinux you can use selinux mode changer app from xda or manually change it using terminal. just google it
Is SR2 work on cm13
Is this version compatible with OxygenOS 4.0 for the OnePlus 3T?
+Kjell O ok bro i tested it and it works perfectly 2.79 SR 2 on cm13
No problem found
Kjell O
+Zeus98​​ waiting for auto-update, 2.79 are ok for now
I flashed 2.78, 2.79, 2.79 sr1 and 2.79 sr2 ....None of the works for htc one m9 on android 6 (3.35.401.32) and stuck on boot loop...
any suggestion????
+Kjell O I tried all of the above versions...all stuck on bootloop.
Then I tried the old version (2.65) and worked (after successful installation it updated to latest version from play store and su binary also updated through the app).
+Kjell O I tried one by one because after trying each one my phone stuck on bootloop and I had to resore my backup again(stock backup), so the reason should be something else that those versions interfer with newer stock version(3.x)
+Kjell O yes you are right...but it was suggested from a m9 xda thread to solve the issue along with using unofficial 3.0.3... Twrp. I tried them after I got issue with 2.79 and apparently the only version that the phone didn't stuck on bootloop was sr1, but the problem was that after flashing nothing was installed and there was no su app.
Stock Nexus 5X 7.1.1 Nougat NMF26F - SuperSU 7.29SR2 and 2.78etc. boot image patcher fails at

Patching sepolicy --- Failure, aborting.

This has been happening with SuperSU builds for me since stock 7.0/7.1 (i've tried living without root...and I'm sick of it ;p) - Anyone else experiencing this particular? Found some references to older versions having this problem but nothing lately.
Kjell O
When many tested, works with CM 13, Marsmallow. Then probably I'm gonna get auto-update soon.
Stick with SuperSU pro 2.79 until that.
(got 2.79 update same day as it was posted here)
J700F root file not works with 6.0.1 update, can you fix this please