DSLR Controller v1.05 released

This update is rolling out on Google Play right now.

5D Mark IV
Changes are mostly related to the 5D Mark IV, which remains probably the most finicky camera I have worked with so far, remote control wise.

Please be sure to update it to the latest firmware, this alone solves several issues.

The latest firmware still suffer from some sort of internal corruption. If you are getting communication errors and crashes, try finding and using the "Clear all camera settings" option in the (camera's) menu. Obviously this means your camera configuration will be lost, but it fixes too many problems to ignore.

High speed continuous shooting
Some issues with high speed continuous shooting have been corrected. This should much improve stopping the capture.

Night/Astronomer mode
At the bottom of the settings screen (cogwheel icon) there is now an option for Night/Astronomer mode. If you enable this option, the user interface is converted to grayscale and displayed in the red channel only, which should reduce impacting night vision when using the app.

USB issues
Remember last major release I dropped the BETA moniker because USB host support was now relatively common and reliable? I should have known better. Several flagship devices - including the Google Pixels - suffer from an issue where communication randomly breaks down.

For the technically inclined, this happens when you use the UsbRequest API with buffers of 16kb. That you should be using 16kb buffers in the first place isn't properly documented but you can find that somewhere in the Android sources. On these devices, using any buffer larger than 8kb randomly breaks.

This only happens in combination of some cameras with some phones. Other cameras will work fine with the same phone, and other phones will work fine with the same camera.

This specific issue should be worked around now.

TP-Link TL-WR902AC
The TL-WR902AC is now also supported to turn into a Wi-Fi module for your camera's that don't have one built-in. See http://dslrcontroller.com/guide-wifi_wr902ac.php


Google Play:

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