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Note 10.1 2014 CF-Auto-Roots

I've just uploaded these CF-Auto-Roots for the Note 10.1 2014 models. Most of you running these devices will probably already have rooted, but I would be grateful if you have one of these if you can test it anyway, and report success or failure.

Obviously these will trigger KNOX Warranty Void if present on your device.

P600 Wi-Fi:

P601 3G:

P605 LTE:
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Lol I can't boot ; it's stuck at ;

Set Warranty Bit: recovery
Okay :D It's a Note 3 version N9005XXUDMJ7; I can't root it with Cf Auto Root I did almost everything but seems to be no use :( This(My) device resists not to root :/
+Enes Dikme This is probably due to the CF-Auto-Root being updated for 4.4 for the Note3, it may not boot with older bootloaders. Flash 4.4 and try again, I would say.
Lol how can i flash 4.4 without me being unrooted.
Okay, ran it on the P600 just now.  Note: I was previously rooted.

Odin flashing went as expected, no issues or errors.

Rebooting - no issues or errors.

Upon reboot, I still have root.  No issues.

SuperSU reports v1.89.

Hope that helps +Chainfire ....
Thanks +Shane Monroe  I was a bit worried it wouldn't boot on the Exynos5 model - guess it did ! :)
+Enes Dikme did u go into settings and make sure that u untick the box that says activation lock samsung can track etc something like that?, once that is untick then u can get into cwm, it happen to me too so I thought I stuff something up so I went and bought a new note 3 realizing afterwards all i had to do is untick the box
Awesome job! Is there a CF-Auto-Root for the N7105 on Android 4.3?
Hi mr chainfire I was trying to flash kit kat firmware To my tmobile note 3 with mobile odin Pro but it said my device is not supported then an option popped up to generate a dump file but then it said don't do it causeyou won't be able to get a refund so I had to get the refund without risking the app not Working and not getting my money back? What do you suggest? Thanks
Root for lg g pad 8.3 google Play edition?
Any chance to find a rooting method for p605 with loosing guaranty?
Hi Mr. Chainfire, what is the latest version for rooting N5120 ? Thanks!
cf auto roots for note 3 n900 for upcoming 4.4 kitkat rom ? 
I am on P601 2014 edition & everything went just fine with the CF autoroot. Thanks Chainfire
i got a p601, rooted with old version of cfautoroot, do i need to flash manually the stock recovery after the process?
I can confirm that is working on p605.
The only issue is with email which is stop working at first time you try to open and is ok after the second try.
After a while, if you try again to open email the same issue, fist fail and second open. 
Works on P601 fresh mk1 install, I also have the the email crash sometimes. i also had the same issue with the previous autoroot applied on mk1, but never had problem when i was using the MJ2 operating system.
Thanks for your job tho, chainfire is the man!
Just tested on a brand new MK1 (previously without root) and it works great. Thank you!!!
This says 15 Jan, can't something kill this if it is out of date
hi, updated my note 10.1 2014 to 4.4.2, and that unrooted my device. tried this method, did not work. the device is still unrooted. any help?
@Chainfire: What do you know about the email problem (first time crashes, second time runs)? ... This is very annoying!
+Chainfire I'm stuck on a boot loop (See Enes Dikme 1st post) - thats the error I'm getting. I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 P605 LTE, can anyone please help? No matter how many cycles and attempts, this won't boot into standard download mode.
+Chainfire I'm the same problem as Breadcrumbs Mcghee. It is very frustrating because there is very little information to go on to fix it. I'm also using a galaxy note 10.1 2014 p605. I can manage to recovery boot it so I can turn it straight back on and use it normally but I can't get root. The tablet does however have android 4.3 on it, but I have tried it with the tar.md5 file for both 4.3 and 4.4.2, though I am thinking I might try updating the OS and then running it again. Any help would be greatly appreciated if you have any to offer.
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