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Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 (Qualcomm LTE) rooted

To continue on with all this talk about the S4 and root, I've just rooted the XXUAMD2 firmware (dated April 2) for the I9505.

If you've followed the story so far, you know there has been trouble rooting the S4's until now. SEAndroid was set restrictive on some firmwares (easily circumvented) and aside from that we had the mystery reboots. You could have the su binary and apk's installed just fine, but once you used the su binary to gain root access, the device would reboot.

We've done nothing special for this firmware - SEAndroid was set to permissive on this firmware, and it doesn't suffer from that reboot issue. This is as plain a root as all the CF-Auto-Root's for any other Galaxy device, or other methods to inject root by flashing a custom kernel/recovery/system.

We simply don't know if this is the final retail firmware, so we don't know if this will work on final retail.

I do believe this is the first S4 root that was actually tested working, hurrah !
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Love your work. Now all is left is getting one of these phones.
Cool. Was it as challenging as ask for in your blog last year? 
Just 12 more days can't wait. 
If I wasn't at work, I'd have a Jameson and Tonic for you, in celebration. I do leave in ~30mins, however, so perhaps I can toast you from Orange County, California.
Fantastic news, awesome!! Great job, chainfire!!! The legend continues :-)
That's good news, it would be a close desision on whether I buy it if this goes south.
I'm supposing they check that in the trustzone on exec when you get a transition.. but then again maybe its just in kernel, or worst, just a good-old-sammy bug ;-)
Excellent work guys. Keep us updated!
ron g
Fukken plus one'd. Great Job 
Dutch powerrrrrrr! ;-) Good job Chainfire! 
Come on ...Chain fire we knew you'd have exploit prior to its release! and or Adam's awesome "Box" ..kudos once more old friend...:)
Well done. Let's see if the phone is that good. HTC One and Xperia Z are very good as well. 
That's amazing!  Especially considering the device isn't even for sale yet.  ;)

I hope root will be obtained for the Note 2 when Samsung releases the 4.2.2 update for it.
great news. question? device isn't sold yet and i am wondering
if the circumvented rooted method should had been held onto a little longer?
hopefully, Samsung will not just plug the new rooted method before sending the phones out
nice to know this. i just want to root before Verizon send out a patch
like they did with s3. thank for the heads up
Amazing as always!.... Now I just cannot wait to get my grubby hands on one! 
Congrats! You are the best mate. I love your work. +1 
Well done, now just waiting for the s4 to hit the store to get one.
I want rooting file for s2 plus...xxamb3 latest firmware.donate yet...please...:-(
Nice! Goed bezig man! Krijg de mijne eind deze maand en tis wel erg fijn om te weten dat root verkrijgen een serieuze mogelijkheid is! :) 
Nice! Goed bezig man! Krijg de mijne eind deze maand en tis wel erg fijn om te weten dat root verkrijgen een serieuze mogelijkheid is! :) 
how about s2 plus xxamb3..need root.T_T
How do you feel about the guy that rooted his 9505 recently only for it to not work, and then asking "how do I remove root"

I don't mean to sound harsh but I got a good kick out of that x] 
Don't bite my head off if this is the wrong place to put this.  But I can't for the life of me get this to work.  I've looked all over google for a solution but can't find one.  The flash in odin goes smoothly and SuperSu is install, but the su bianaries are not.  I've tried everything under the sun; different versions of odin, different download sources for CF-ROOT, etc.  I'm on the Deutche Telekom i9505 (Int.) i9505xxuamdm.  Thanks for any help.
+Chainfire Can you make Mobile odin pro compatible with the i9505 please??
Yao Sun
cf-root is not support I9505XXUAME2(2 may)
+Sam G I just updated to that one, and it's not working as you're saying. Do you have any other solution that works? (root) :)
+Samuel Chua  Nice! Where can I find that one? :) Thanks man!
Just flash twrp with odin and flash faux kernel with recovery mode... 
Hi Chainfire, awesome work! I've got a little problem though: I've flashed my  9505 (XXUAME2) with CF-Auto-Root but no matter what I try SuperSU keeps on stating that 'there is no SU binary installed'. Any idea what the problem can be?
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