Stock boot and recovery images
For years I've thought it would be useful to have a place where you can grab stock boot and recovery images. Planned to build it long ago, but you know how plans go. This site now hosts my entire stock boot/recovery collection (some 250-ish GiB right now), so that's at least a start.

This (and auto-updating root images, auto-grabbing latest OTAs, etc) was supposed to become a feature in FlashFire, but with Google's recent ban on Play store apps downloading binaries (which I expect would cover this) I'm not really sure what's going to happen there. Perhaps a sideloaded add-on, perhaps nothing.

Of course, my own collection is mostly comprised of Samsung and Google firmwares, and the scrapers are currently focused on those. If someone knows reliable sources of stock firmwares for other brands, let me know in the XDA thread.

Users can add stock boot and recovery images manually, after logging in with a Google account. As this is a possible avenue for abuse, I'm keeping a close eye on it, and should it be abused I'm shutting it down.

Image information
Aside from the images itself, the site also keeps track of quite a few properties of the firmware themselves, including the properties from the images, so developers can review them without having to download them all.

Useless to most, but to devs like me it comes in handy now and again.

The CF-Auto-Root repository ( ) is very old and very static. It was manually updated (though of course based on scripts) every once in a while.

I've wanted to further automate it for years, and I finally got around to it earlier this year. This is now incorporated into this site, and you can generate a CF-Auto-Root package from most firmwares listed.

When generating a CF-Auto-Root packages, you are now also able to configure all sorts of SuperSU-related options in the process, such as install type, encryption options, SELinux modifications, and including suhide.

Other packages
CF-Auto-Root is really just an automated ZIP installer, that currently installs SuperSU. In theory it can be adapted to install other packages as well. This might become a thing in the future, but it is not implemented right now.

I thought this was as good an excuse as any to finally do something in Python and gain some more experience there, and thus most of the site is indeed built in Python3 (thank or blame Jeff Corcoran). It's not a particularly fast site though...

There is some Java intermingled with the Python. The firmware parsing is code is an adapted version of the code written for FlashFire.

The Python parts are built from scratch and job-based, I'm fully expecting some things to break down a couple of times over the next few days, so keep that in mind.

Completely unsure. Maybe it'll grow. Maybe an OEM will have it shut down. Maybe I'll get tired of paying for the bandwidth. Right now this is striking through one of the items on my bucketlist of code.

Mobile version and app
There is currently no mobile version and app for the site. As stated above, that was originally intended to be part of FlashFire. It makes for a somewhat awkward landing page right now if you don't include the desktop subdomain, but the .mobi TLD has rules :)


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