SuperSU transferred

SuperSU control and maintenance has been transferred to a newly formed company, Coding Code Mobile Technology LLC ("CCMT").

When I first released SuperSU back in early 2012, I could not have dreamt how big it would become. It has been spectacular seeing it grow from a side project to a popular app totalling almost a hundred million downloads and a couple dozen million active users - significantly more people than live in my entire country. The support of, and encouragement by, many in the Android community over the years has meant more to me than you can possibly imagine.

However, my passion for developing SuperSU has dwindled over the years, and it has gone from being a source of joy and fulfillment to a source of stress and a drain of mental resources. So after three and a half years, it is time to make a change. Over the years I have declined several interesting projects due to my commitment to SuperSU, and while I certainly do not regret doing so, long-term there are other projects and opportunities I am passionate about that I want to persue without having to worry about it.

XDA leadership has introduced me to the people behind CCMT, who will be taking over development and maintenance of SuperSU long-term. While I will continue to work on SuperSU for the moment, my involvement will slowly be phased out over the next two years - by the end of which I will have spent almost six years on this project.

The people at CCMT are no strangers to the root community. They have invested in, or own, a number of popular root apps (though I am not at liberty to disclose which ones) - chances are, you are running one of them right now. I believe SuperSU has found a good home there, and trust time will not prove me wrong. 

On a practical note, until further notice (if any), non-Pro SuperSU APKs, ZIPs, etc. are absolutely still free to redistribute in unmodified form.
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