SuperSU v2.79 SR1

This update focuses primarily on SELinux changes for Nougat:

- SuperSU will now use it's own 'u:r:supersu:s0' context to run in, rather than reusing the 'u:r:init:s0' context. This can prevent some conflicts from occurring, but it may also cause some root apps (or complete firmwares) to suddenly stop working. Please report these in the BETA thread on XDA. In time this feature may be ported back to Marshmallow as well.

- SuperSU no longer modifies file_contexts[.bin]. This modifications caused issues on some firmwares, though why this happens exactly has not been identified. Regardless, it has been refactored away.

On app-heavy devices SuperSU may have been slow to grant root access, especially right after boot, when the device is very busy, or when it needs to popup a confirmation dialog. This should now be much better on Nougat firmwares, where the problem was most apparent. It has also improved for older firmwares, but not as dramatically - it will take some more work to backport the full patch.

Compatibility with the latest TWRP on the PIxel has also been fixed, and various other small changes are listed in the changelogs below.

CF-Auto-Roots have been needing updates for a while now, but it will have to wait some more, as I'm trying to push a FlashFire update out first. For the devs among you, I have slightly updated the How-To SU docs.


Download flashable ZIP:

SuperSU BETA thread on XDA:

How-To SU:

- Expand Samsung detection
- GUI: reworked portions to work with 'supersu' context on 7.0+
- GUI: fix binary update notice when superuser disabled by user in some cases
- su: reworked portions to work with 'supersu' context on 7.0+
- su/GUI: improve responsiveness when device busy on 7.0+
- sukernel: fix cpio restore failure with very short filenames
- sukernel: no longer patches file_contexts(.bin)
- sukernel: revert force seclabel (no longer needed with 'supersu' context)
- supolicy: add "create", "auditallow", "auditdeny" policy commands
- supolicy: support "*" for permission/range parameter of "allow", "deny", "auditallow", "auditdeny", "allowxperm" policy commands
- supolicy: -live/--file no longer apply default patches if custom patches are supplied
supolicy: -sdk=X option added (required for 7.0+)
supolicy: reworked all SELinux rules for 7.0+, run as 'supersu' context
- ZIP: Separate slotselect and system_root logic
- ZIP: Adjust system/system_root device and mount-point detection
- ZIP: Fix minor errors in documentation
- ZIP/frp: Explicitly label /su
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