Root for Galaxy S4's Google Edition 4.3 leak

RE: JWR66N.S005.130625 only

So here it finally is: the first root for the S4 GE 4.3 leak, and also the first 4.3 root in general.

It required quite a few mods to SuperSU, but it seems all features are fully operational. There'll probably be some issues somewhere ;)

It remains to be seen if all of the protections that have been circumvented have been Samsung's doing (as is normal for Samsung pre-release leaked firmwares), or if some of them are actually normal for Android 4.3.

For example, Android processes have their binding set of capabilities 0'd out. I've not personally seen that before on other firmwares, so I'm not sure if that's Samsung's doing or something 4.3. It prevents processes from performing certain actions - even if the process manages to execute code as root user - like mounting the system read/write. Just to be clear, this root does not suffer from this issue.


This experimental version of SuperSU especially for this specific firmware leak. In theory it should also work on those protected engineering firmwares from Samsung that have gone around lately, but I have not tested it on any of those. Let's keep it to the leaked S4 4.3 firmware for the first test, shall we ?


For this root, SuperSU is running in daemon mode (new feature), and launched during boot.

The daemon handles all su requests, and while this should mostly work just fine, some apps may expect their su session to be running on the same branch on the process tree as the app that launched the session.

Titanium Backup is an example of such an app. It may incorrectly detect the path to your internal storage for backups, and thus crash on backup/restore. You can fix this by going into preferences and selecting a folder under /storage/emulated/legacy as backup/restore path, not under /storage/emulated/0.

In this download the daemon is spawned by , some other root apps use this, some recoveries delete it, etc. If you lose root, just reflash the package. You could change it so the daemon is launched by another (non-Java-related) process if you want.


Please do not mirror this download, do not repost the file elsewhere. Link to this post on G+, not the download.

Report problems in the thread on XDA, and mention that you're running the 4.3 leak !

This is a flashable ZIP, I've only tested it with TWRP, but I'm assuming CWM will also work.

EDIT: CWM users, you need to uncheck the option to "disable stock recovery flash", if it shows up.

EDIT#2: Link updated with TiBu fixed version


Why no CF-Auto-Root and a flashable ZIP instead ? Because you needed a custom recovery to flash the leak in the first place, so you will have one already, and I'm waiting for other 4.3 firmwares to see if this will be a new standard, before modifying CF-Auto-Root to use it.
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