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CF-Auto-Root updates

A whole bunch of devices' CF-Auto-Roots have been updated from older firmware bases to 4.4.x firmware bases. Means these CFAR's work again on the latest bootloaders, primarily.

A large number of devices have been added as well. Together these total well over one hundred updates.

I've also made some small changes to the page, like adding base firmware version information and MD5s.
When newer firmwares are released for a certain device, sometimes that firmware includes new bootloaders that prevent kernels based on the old firmwares from booting. This usually coincides with a transition to a newer Android version. In that case, the CF-Auto-Root for download here may no ...
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I don't suppose any of these will work with the AT&T Galaxy S5.  One with the latest "security" updates?
can you update the samsung galaxy s3 i9300 from 4.1.2 to 4.3
Thanks. You make our lives easier
Do u think T-Mobile galaxy note 2 will get a 4.4.3 ROM with s pen working?
Thank-you very much sir. Your efforts are legendry and much appreciated. 
Verizon Galaxy S5 SM-G900V is still not supported..

感谢 膜拜
Do you think there is any hope for the Verizon Moto X? 
Thank you so much for gt-i9301 and 9506!!!
Couldn't root before. I believe the updated firmware bases (on 4.4.2 NE2) made the difference, but I'm certainly no expert. Got the disable Knox message and loks like smooth sailing from here. Thank you so much, Chainfire and have donated. 
Any ideas on how hard it would be to have this root an AT&T Galaxy S5 with a kernel version date of July 22, 2014 or later?  The hole used by Towelroot to root this device has been patched.
+David Griffith
I'm having the exact same problem.  Most of the functionality of the phone is gone -- I might as well have gotten an iPhone.  Well... at least the S5 doesn't bend all that easily.
This 500 firepaper application automatically closes down every time I try to set it as my home screen wallpaper in my Moto G. I have uninstalled and re-installed and checked it may times but the same problem. Please cancel my order and refund me back. My Google order id is 12999763169054705758.1324680078039240
Ola , pesso por gentileza que mande para o meu email o firmware do LG G D685PRO LITE 
yi pea
note4 root?
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Kane K
thanks for the great work you do! is there an auto root for SM-T230? cheers
Carl B
I made the mistake up updating my SM-T900 before rooting it. Could you please update the Auto-Root for it? It won't root now, the screen becomes checkered and I have to factory restore. I bought the Pro version of all your apps, thank you again for all your efforts.
Josh F
Does anyone know why cf lumen makes all the system animations and stuff have a slight slow down?
Great work your doing for all of us.  Looking forward to getting a Note 4 Verizon and have to have root capabilities :-)
Navré de tous ses informations mon S I à chaque fois se bloque j- désinstale et j- réinstalle les application la technologie ne marche pas comme le veut le monde ?????
No s3mini ? u.u then still using Cwm 4.4.4
I rooted my Galaxy S5 back in May using Chainfire AutoRoot for the T-Mobile version, SM-g900t. Haven't flashed anything since; just wanted to have root access for a couple apps.

When Android 5.0 Lolipop rolls out to the Galaxy S5, how can I update my phone to that? Would I have to unroot, update to Lolipop OTA, and root again? (if so, would I have to find a different method of rooting or can I use the same Chainfire AutoRoot?)

Or is there a way to update to Lolipop without losing my root?
Thank God for you. CF auto root is a life saver. I used it for my note 2 and I use the exact same one for my note 3. It works like a charm every time. 
Одни америкосы :((((
please work around Samsung Galaxy Tab4(SM-T230).I couldn't root my tablet with any method.
Does it support 4.4.4 for the note 4?
Add Samsung galaxy tab4 (sm-t230 cf auto root ) please ... thanks

gyus when i do rooting my s5 ..g900f then gave a msg recovery fail so Please anybody tell me solution of recovery fail 
Are your USB drivers installed proper and USB degugg on
I need cwm Recovery grand prime sm-g530f can you help me thank you
Hello and hi how can I tell if my bootloader is locked on note 4 n910a I think my phone is unlocked it sess that the reactivation is off I think that's what it sess 
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