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CF-Auto-Root for SG Note 3

I've just uploaded the CF-Auto-Root files for various Note 3 models. This includes the International Exynos (SM-N900), International Qualcomm (SM-N9005) and T-Mobile US models (SM-N900T), and various Asian models.

While this is not known for sure yet, I expect the ATT and Verizon models to have a locked bootloader, and if that is the case there will be no CF-Auto-Root for these models.

Using CF-Auto-Root will trip the KNOX Warranty Void flag, which is not reversable! Triangle Away is not working yet for the other bootloader values either, but I expect it'll be working on the Qualcomm (not Exynos) models soon (but still, it will not reset the KNOX values!)

For more details, visit the thread.
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Sweet can't wait
Не совсем понял это прога для руутирования своего девайса?
phone being delivered tomorrow, root planned shortly after lol
Ah, I was considering getting a Note 3, one plus more here ..
It's smart to buy a phone that Chainfire works on! 
I will wait a while before I root mine. The phones are new and full of features to keep me entertained for now. I will play it safe and watch the forums for bugs, fixes and updates before I root.
Keep up the excellent work Chainfire +1
Some how apps like gamecih /gamekiller etc cant find out root so far everything else work
Is there gonna be a fix to this? Sm-n9005 must of em say root deny or root privilege needed
Why can't use gamecih after root??? 
When can you release CF root for note 10.1 2014 LTE version SM P605? Thanks
Any chance of updating for the SCH-R970C?
Please do CF-Auto Root for SSGN 10.1 2014 edtion LTE P605, thank you.
CF-Auto-Root did work fine for me on N9005. Now I'm patiently waiting for the version for P605. Would be a nice Christmas present. ;-)
CF-Auto-Root did not work for my GN3 Movistar Nicaragua unit. Always says PASS, but no root is granted when using SU or FX.
I'd like to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo (SM-G903F) running Android 5.1.1
i could not find the SM N900V 
Verizon Note 3 5.0
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