500 Firepaper v1.60 - a source for Muzei

Since +Roman Nurik released Muzei a few days back, I've seen a lot of bla bla bla Firepaper bla ? bla bla bla Muzei bla ! comments, and vice versa.

I can see why some like Muzei over Firepaper. I can see why some don't. To give you all the ultimate choice, I have just uploaded a new version of 500 Firepaper to the Play Store, which can also act as an art source for Muzei. If you so choose, you can have the best of both worlds!

It may take a few hours after this post before v1.60 shows up for you on Play and/or it auto-updates.

The XDA thread for 500 Firepaper, for all your discussion and bug reports, can be found here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2522588


Muzei is really new - it may be shiny, but I've seen a lot of issues/bugs/inconsistencies across my test devices - which will no doubt be fixed as soon as possible. I found it tricky at best to get it to work initially, without blur, and using 500 Firepaper as source.

Also, one needs to keep in mind that the normal 500 Firepaper restrictions still apply - it needs Wi-Fi to download images and it will remove them after 24 hours, but as of yet it does not display a warning about this when using Muzei.

I'm not personally all that fond of the image placement Muzei uses (for example, on my single homescreen Nexus 5 in portrait orientation, you usally end up looking at the left side of a wider image), but it does work well in other case (like multiple homescreens that have the middle one as default). 500 Firepaper does not modify the image when sourced to Muzei as it does for it's own live wallpaper.

Additionally, Muzei only likes to replace an image when you are actually looking at the live wallpaper. So if you use the option to switch wallpapers every time the screen turns on, you will actually see the transition between the old and the new wallpaper. Meh.

If rotating the device becomes slow for you, make sure you have the refresh on rotate feature disabled in 500 Firepaper. I need to do some re-thinking on that in combination with Muzei.

I have some reservations about the current API for Muzei as well, callbacks I want that aren't there, being based on IntentService (requires some awkward hoop-jumping), etc. But all in all it seems to be off to a great start!

- Added Muzei support
- Dream: hide navigation bar pre-KitKat
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