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CF-Auto-Root for Nexus 5

Received the device 10 minutes ago, so here's CF-Auto-Root for it :)

XDA thread:


All CF-Auto-Root downloads:
Full firmware flashing straight from the device itself and ROOT in the process ! Never be without ROOT again ! SuperSU. The best Superuser access management available ! DSLR Controller. Control your Canon EOS DSLR from your phone ! PerfMon. The Performance Monitor that floats on top of all your ...
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Francis S
What took so long.... :) nice work, as usual. 
Lol, your slowing down with age :p
Wow. The ink is still wet on the Play Store page. You're the man.
Jeff J
Thanks for the su binary update man.
Damn dude already lol ;) awesome work as usual! Thanks!
I'll donate a bit once I get the actual phone. You rule man! 
+ChainfireBecause Problem is knox. It delete or freeze superuser. I try delete knox programs than appear alot of system problem
+Chainfire because its a better way of doing privilege escalation. Wouldn't you rather run as a normal user on your daily driver? With the implementation of multiple user profiles, I think having su call a hidden admin profile would be better, right? I don't know how you do it in supersu, but.. The main reason is simple: Create the code that Google can use in AOSP without carriers shitting bricks. 
4.4 has multiple privilege levels, right? Call it s challenge. I bet you 25 bucks you can't create an api or package for sudo like behavior using ICS or Kit Kat profiles. 
Unbelievable speed...
christ. can you be less fast? ppl have not recived the phone yet :D
Your an animal chainfire!! Keep up the awesome work
Superfast, the only problem is: My N5 will arrive next week :-((
+Chainfire How did you do with SELinux in enforcing mode? Do you add a policy? 
+Chainfire do you know anyone who's written a DSLR controller for the Nikon family?
+Chainfire I would appreciate it if you could share your impressions about Google's latest hit. Thanks in advance.
Can I ask you? Do you planing to make triangle away for i9500?
+Chainfire for President! Still waiting for mine to arrive. Beer coming your way! 
Thank you chainfire. You are the GOD of devs!
Works great and fast. Thanks!
How do you make the *.tar.md5 file for Samsung device, especially the cache.img in it while stock ROM doesn't include it. I want to make cache.img with no content in it, but I don't know how to get its exact size. 
Got i9305 guy changed screen now imei null/null rooted it cant write imei back in with z3x no *#9090# menu any ideas please 
And google said they made it impossible to root in 4.4 :D
Setuped and ready to use...just waiting for my N5 to get delivered...really excited.
Hmm, all I'm getting in the Windows cmd window is < waiting for device > but the device is plugged in. Any thoughts?
Exist any way how to revert changes made by this tool? before apply OTA update, it fail with root enabled. I mean some way without reflash stock image. I mean only some small zip which I can apply from CWM recovery and then update via OTA?
Sorry, I am New user..this root will erase my phone data?(sms phone contact)
and app need to redownload again? 
got my Nexus 5 today and fail to root my  N5 after ota to 4.4.2, can you give me some advice? thank  you so much. +Chainfire 
+吴伟康 之前已經用了 auto root? 再root多一次..同樣步驟..我試過了..可以..
+Chainfire I have 2 questions (which I would have posted to the XDA channel for this but it won't let me post to developers threads yet and I didn't want to take it to a generic Q&A thread) ... sorry.

If I ever need to un-root my Nexus how do I do it?
And what do I need to do when Sprint pushes an OTA update to the OS?

Other than the I watch the video that Jordan from xda did on applying root to this device using CF-Auto-Root and I was amazed! 
+Chainfire I have an issue with downloading a root and what I mean by that is that my computer can't find my phone while it's fastboot mode but when it s on homescreen it finds with no trouble.
Could you help please ?
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