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Samsung refuse to release KitKat sauce - EDIT: dropped!

Shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone seeing Samsung's past performance, but still. Due to some of the strangeness going on while working with the Polish 4.4 Note3 update's kernels, I wanted to look at the sauce. As it wasn't listed yet on Samsung's Open Source Release Center, I put in an official request for sources. Their response was as follows:

Thank you for your interest in our product.

We only publish Open source code of official version. 
It would be appreciated if you can understand our situation.

Please accept our apology for not being able to handle your request up to your satisfaction.

What they probably mean is that they wont release the sources until they do a full roll-out (right now is a small test roll-out, I guess ?). Regardless, this is complete BS - they have rolled out the firmware, they are obligated to release the sources when asked for them. Needless to say, I do not have any understanding for their situation, nor will I accept the apology.

Of course, there's a lot to say about all this, and in no way do I expect my post to change anything. I just thought it worth noting that Samsung still thinks the GPL does not apply to them ... :)

EDIT: Sources are now available. Not sure who to thank, +James Duncan , the guys at SFLC, or just Samsung's OSRC personnel, but it's there - hurrah!
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Take it to the SFLC. This is a straight up copyright violation (or, to use the phrase Samsung almost certainly would, theft of IP). It's $150,000 per violation, right?
Maybe my next phone will not be a Samsung any more. Still time to wait and check.
+James Duncan I don't have any commits in the Linux kernel, so I can't make a claim, unfortunately :)
Definitely not buying a Samsung next. I even wanted to sell the note 3 this week because of Knox....rooted and tripped it. Officially hate Samsung! 
Er, doesn't Samsung always provide the kernel source right on time? I thought they did. O_0
+Chainfire Believe me, SFLC contains many many people who do and will request source for you. Want me to contact them for you?
That's the reason why I'm never going to buy a Samsung phone again. 
Sauce on KitKat!? Sounds horrible.
I want some kit kat sauce to on my s3mini is it poss?
Me to but we all aint rich these days times are hard lol
Samsung lost my business months ago. I've owned a Samsung phone of one model or another for the last 3 years. No more. I'm done. 
It normally takes a few weeks for them to roll out the sources after an official release... Give it some time. 
I've never owned a better phone than my note 3, and I've owned an iPhone, s2 and s4.
After updating my n3 to kit kat i got problems with apps getting access to sd card...
Someone must sue Samsung for its lawless behaviour.
The Polish are gonna be glad to learn that their official updates are considered unofficial by Samsung....
As much as I love my Note 3, all this bullshit from Samsung has made me regret buying anything of theirs. From Knox to this, I'm getting more and more fucked off at them each day.

Now if only HTC would pull the finger out and not fuck up their "phablet" phones....
I bought a Galaxy S1 and S3... These are probably my last Samsung phones since they suck and KNOX sucks as well
They will give you whey first official is out
This sucks big time. I have the note 2 and it feels like a old school phone. I don't know I have never been so ashamed of my phone because of Samsung. 
One of the reasons I now have Moto G, will just use Samsung GS3 until it dies and never buy Samsung again....
+Maniek Marian I was just asking because the same thing happened to me when I went from a CM based Rom back to TW. I had to completely wipe and format the internal and then everything worked
I remember some time ago that +Andrew Dodd asked for source for his Note 10.1 (N8013) and they answered that they don't provide sauce for leaked firmwares while his tab shipped with that firmware. Typical Samsung I guess.
The Polish version wasn't official release of KK 4.4.2? So only a test-build? Well, it runs smoothly already :-)
Expect that Samsung will share the Open Source Code immediately , as soon as the OTA's will be pushed with the Official Firmware. No big deal. Just be patient.....
Same thing with mediatek they won't release the source for any kernels, their pretty much just giving the finger to gpl cause in china they don't care about other peoples laws or rights
I've been given that response before too. But, in the case of my request, I
was asking for a version against a leaked build. Later, Samsung did release
the code to the next official build.
My last Samsung device was the Note 1. No more Samsung in my life (even TVs). Thinks like this make me hate brands.
HTC still hasn't released kernel source for the One Max either after being asked multiple times...
My next phone will be a Nexus. No more Samsung. 
+Chainfire Good to see that Poland has joined the USA as a second-class citizen where official Samsung rollouts are considered to be "leaks" not meriting source release.

This is EXACTLY the same bullshit they tried to feed me when I brought up the fact that their source release for the GT-N8013 didn't match the UEALGB build at all and asked for the UEALGB source.  Their response was that UEALGB was a "leak" and they were not under any obligation to provide source code.

Mind you, UEALGB was the build preinstalled on every single Note 10.1 sold in the USA for the first month after release.
Me personally, wish you +Chainfire would hop to LG and make some of these apps for them. But that is me. Other than that nexus is the way to go. 
I love my Note 3 but I think it's my last Samsung phone. They've been copping an attitude for a while now. If I wanted attitude, I'd buy an iPhone.
As much as I hate what they're doing, I can't get away from the Galaxy line :/
Sounds like they need to re-read the GPL.
I can't complain.......there's a lot of dev for the t mobile note 3 
Just wanted to jump in and say yep its things like this that made me sell my s4 last week for the beautiful Nexus 5 I'm holding now
+Chainfire sadly not complying to gpl doesnt make any difference to big companies. I owned a S2 before moving to Nexus devices, I still own a Qnap Nas, etc etc, and all these companies regularly break GPL with their firmware releases, and ofc they have never payed a dime for it.
+Cody Fontaine Get a time machine, go back in time and submit patches to the kernel? I feel like there's a Back to the Future paradox there somewhere. ;)
I quit Samsung and went to Nexus devices. Best smartphone choice I ever did.
+Brandon Olofsson I'll say that's my second best choice. First was switching from being an iPhone dev into the OPEN world of android. 
I'm so proud to be a Nexus 5 user. I'm so done with Samsung & their bullsh*ts
Please I want to open knox after root Note 3 N9005 
+OSCAR JORQUEZ i saw that later Oscar. Did copied that from another post than
I told CF, in my previous comment (scroll back), to be patient....and it is!
+Andrew Dodd I don't know how you guys formulate your FOSS requests, but you seem to be doing it wrong. I've done dozens of requests on OSRC and have always, promptly, correctly received an answer in every single instance.

And you can actually perfectly have follow-up conversations with their personnel if something is not clear or wrong; which is why such drama posts go way beyond my comprehension. 
How to root sony z1 version 4.3
+Andrei Frumusanu My experience has been the exact opposite.

1)  Back in the old days with ICS on the I9100, I submitted an OSRC request around 3 days after ICS rolled out officially.  Source took 2-3 weeks to drop IIRC, and OSRC didn't actually respond until 1-2 weeks after source dropped with a form letter.

2)  In the case of the N8013, I sent a detailed explanation of the issue to a private contact some of us had at Samsung, specifically indicating that the OSRC release clearly did not match the released kernel binary (While the biggest symptom to a user was a broken wifi driver, an analysis of "strings" indicated they had changed a bunch of printk()s around, which definitively proved a mismatch).  Their response was that they had been informed N8013 UEALGB was a leak (in this case they were an intermediary).  When I disputed this, I was told to bring it up directly to OSRC via the official OSRC form, who never bothered to even respond.
+Andrew Dodd Well as I said, I don't know what happened 3 years ago, but I've only had positive experiences with them with the dozen of requests I made over the time. 
Samsung has a lot of bs with them. Which is why my next device will probably not be Samsung. Looking towards oppo find 7. I stuck with them on galaxy Nexus, sg3 and 4 now I'm just sick and tired of technological oppression.
I love my Sammy phones regardless. Really not worth switching over something this miniscule. IMO :)
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