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Another 500 Firepaper update - v2.25

Always more to do, here's some more changes for you. Some improvements in the hardware-accelerated area, some bugfixes, some crashfixes, better resource management etc.

Visually, there are two 'big' changes:

(1) If you are using the blur feature and hardware acceleration, double tapping the image will unblur the image for a few seconds

(2) If you are using the parallax effect, it will now let you scroll through a much larger area of the image. It is however still limited so a single homescreen swipe does not move the background image an entire screen's width.

Additionally you should be aware that every single launcher I have tried report their number of homescreens and its positioning differently - and there is no way for the app to know which one is your default screen. Some launcher always report a single screen - so no effect there. Some launchers always report a minimum of 4 screens, even if you're using only 2, which will result in you seeing mostly the left hand side of the image. Etc.

There is no real way to make this work for everyone, as every single launcher does this differently - it's a complete mess.

You can get the app from Play here: . As always it will take an hour or two after this post before the new version is available.

The XDA thread can be found here:

- Hardware acceleration: reduce flicker
- Hardware acceleration: fixed an auto-refresh issue
- Hardware acceleration: double tap to deblur
- Muzei: fixed an auto-refresh issue
- Added wakelock timeouts (just in case)
- Adjusted rotation refresh behavior
- Separated all components into their own processes for better memory management
- Blur setting no longer affects daydream
- Pinned image no longer affects daydream or Muzei
- Reworked parallax scrolling
- Reduced background resource usage
- Touch detection adjusted again
500 Firepaper provides a live wallpaper and a daydream showing you the late...
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So, this may have been asked but... do you have or have you considered doing this for computers? I would love to have a dynamic background like this on my PC :)
It would be great if the wallpaper could only be blurred when you're on the homescreen. 
+Marcin Szklany "...every single launcher I have tried report their number of homescreens and its positioning differently - and there is no way for the app to know which one is your default screen..."  Is probably going to be your answer to your request.

+Chainfire Thank you for this terrific app!
+Bryan Raymond Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I imagined having the wallpaper unblurred on the lockscreen and blurred when it's behind the launcher.
+Jonathan Lyman I use windows mostly, however I will keep that in mind for if/when I do a linux build again :)
Apparently DexGuard messed up yet another release, causing crashes for 4.0 and 4.1 users. I've released an update already, and purged DexGuard from my devbox once and for all.
Works great on i9300 with CM11 M6 :) Gr8 app, maybe i'll buy full version if no probs would be
+David Gross You can do this already in Windows (I'm running 7, 64-bit). On the desktop background page where you choose the picture you can choose an entire folder. It also has options for how often to change and for shuffle.
+Don L. Hahn yeah but the beauty of his is that it pulls from online sources and is always pulling new photos .
is there currently a rom for the sm-t520? if not can you please make one like cyanogenmod one?
Hi. Im trying to root my Samsung S4 I9295. I have downloaded the root many times but I keep getting an error message in Korean and the program does not open....What can I do?
This is the best background ever.  Thanks for this and for the SafeStrap for S4 on VZW.
Jody J.
+Chainfire the images will get stuck and once stuck, will no longer cycle out for me. I've cleared cache, deleted and reinstalled with the same image.
+Chainfire I purchased pro, as being a long time fan of your work. Since last couple of weeks, the update interval is not working for me. It keep changing the wallpaper, whenever there is a network change or I wake up the device. I tried resetting the app data and complete reinstall but no effect. Is there anything I miss, I can't figure it out. 
Anybody else with wallpaper changing too often, overrules setting? It's getting annoying now.
Is anyone else's firepaper not updating anymore ? :(
Is it possible to crop the figures for wallpaper? Some picture has signature on the bottom or top. 
Throwing in another suggestion--For those of us using the Google Now Launcher, which places your homescreen at the far left, it would be nice if we could force-center the image one our homescreen. Might force a lot of images to zoom in a hefty amount (depending on your number of screens) but it would be a neat option. I'm tired of the left side of pictures but I like parallax :(

Anyways, still the best wallpaper app on the planet.
This wallpaper app is the best. Can't wait to see each beautiful photo .

Is this still being updated?
The problem that it will have empty spaces on top and bottom when the picture is not occupy the whole screen.

When will it have features like filling the whole screen automatically?
+Jason Yu You can put your 3 fingers on the screen to change to another one and you can do so until you get what you want. Hope this helps a little bit.
+Chong Hou I know, I do that all the time. But I still think it can be optimized and make it scale dynamically. Just to make things perfect
What is the resolution on your screen? I have a Nexus 5 which has a 1080p screen, and very rarely see borders on the images. If I do, it's because the actual image from 500px has a border on it, and I doubt there's anything reasonable the developer can do about those images.
+Aaron Rickle I use an OnePlus One which has a 1080p screen, and I do get those border pretty often. I am pretty sure those are not border in the picture but a not fully scaled image. Maybe because I choose some category? I choose Popular urban, landscapes, fine art, abstract, city and architecture.
Hmm, do you use the Parallax setting? Perhaps it's something that happens more when not using Parallax?
+Aaron Rickle Yes, I don't use Parallax since it cause a lot more lag and choppy most of the time. 
Hmm well then I'm not sure I can't vouch for non-parallax. I will say that if you enable Hardware Acceleration in the Misc section, it should get rid of the lag. Makes it pretty smooth on my Nexus 5. One Plus One should have similar specs.
+Aaron Rickle I did tried parallax with hardware acceleration, but I feel some very minor stuttering when I enable it. Those stuttering only very minor and should not border most people except me.

But I still think those border can be fixed by dynamically adjust whether use image width or height for scaling. If this scaling issue is being fixed, it will be perfect.
I know what you're talking about actually haha. It disappoints me a bit but I'm willing to get past the tiny lag for parallax.

I actually just disabled parallax and went through a few dozen images. I only saw small borders on one image, which I believe was a part of the image itself. I use the Travel, Urban Exploration, Landscapes, Fine Art, Nature, City & Architecture, and Abstract categories from Popular. Same categories as you. Perhaps it's something with the One Plus One's (CM) wallpaper implementation? Not sure :\
+Aaron Rickle I don't think that is the case, since this also happen on my old Nexus 4 which has a 720p screen only. I think it is because it is scaled with width, such that there are border on top and bottom.
+Jason Yu To check if the border is from the picture, you can enter the app and check the history browser, fyi. 
+Chong Hou yes, that's why I am sure it is more of a scaling problem instead of border in picture.
I have trouble with the app since yesterday. It doesnt show me any pictures. Just tells me no images available...wifi is on and battery is full. Im using it on a note pro. I also bought the pro version...but as it is an in-app option Im afraid to lose it when I reinstall the app. 
For some reason this app stopped working! It's just not generating wallpapers! I get an error message, "make sure the WiFi is connected and battery is over 50%". Help! 
Seems to be a problem of 500px i tried another app but same issue.
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