FlashFire updated to v0.57

This update focuses primarily on two issues relating to flashing OTAs:

- Uncrypting errors: some users experienced issues while uncrypting freshly downloaded OTAs (app crash or corrupted uncrypt). This issue should now be solved. If this ever failed for you, there is a good chance your next OTA flash attempt will fail again as well (with a red line complaining about an invalid ZIP file), due to left-over files. The solution is to simply do it twice.

- Multi-stage OTAs: some recent OTAs install in multiple stages; they first flash a new recovery to the boot partition (that is not a typo), then boot to that recovery to perform the rest of the firmware update. FlashFire can now directly handle these OTAs without going through recovery.

Note that sometimes, after flashing an OTA, the device may still boot to recovery (and show you an error message). Simply reboot the device if that happens - it doesn't mean the flash failed.

Google Play should start rolling out the new version in a couple of hours. You can also grab the APK directly from own servers (link below).


Google Play:

Discussion thread at XDA:

Direct APK download:

- Add support for multi-stage OTAs
- Fix possible NPE during OTA uncrypt
- Fix logic failure during OTA uncrypt
- Fix unsupported root detection
- Fix root detection sometimes failing
- Prefer system-supplied reboot binary to our own
- Adjust timebomb for non-Pro users to September 01, 2017
NOTE: Sometimes OTA still reboots to recovery with an error, just reboot manually
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