Mobile ODIN updated to v4.20 - S5 support

I have just uploaded v4.20 of Mobile ODIN to Google Play, it should start updating in a few hours.

This update brings only two things: it updates the injected SuperSU to version 1.94, and adds support for these Galaxy S5 models:

- International SM-G900F
- Oceania SM-G900I
- Korea SM-G900L
- Middle and South America SM-G900M
- Sprint SM-G900P
- US Cellular SM-G900R4
- T-Mobile US SM-G900T
- Metro PCS SM-G900T1
- Canadia SM-G900W8

One thing I was surprised by during the development of S5 compatibility is the epic speed of the S5's flash storage. It is so much faster than any other S or Note models before it ... !

The free version is available from the XDA thread here:
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