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Some more S5 roots!

I have just updated the root for the SM-G900F (International Qualcomm) model, and added the following roots:

SM-G900H (International Exynos)
SM-G900M (Middle and South America?)
SM-G900R4 (US Cellular)
SM-G900T (T-Mobile US)
SM-G900T1 (Metro PCS)
SM-G900W8 (Canada)

EDIT: ...and...
SM-G900P (Sprint)

See the XDA post here:

Or go the the CF-Auto-Root site via the box below.

NOTE: Seems so far that rooting / voiding KNOX warranty on the S5 also disables the 'private mode' functionality. Be warned.

All downloads contain .tar.md5 files flashable in ODIN as PDA. Make sure your device is in ODIN download mode (usually you can get there by holding VolDown+Home+Power when the device is turned off), then start the included Odin3-v1.85.exe file, press the PDA button, select the .tar.md5 file, ...
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THX for your Support!
finished root prozess in 2 minutes :)
god wnz
Is there a root for tmobile note 3 4.4.2 that will not change status from official to custom?
Any hope for the SM-G900A? Or should we give up?
+God Wnz use cf auto root with triangle away. That should work but don't quote me 
Isn't the G900A (AT&T?) bootloader locked like the G900V (Verizon) version? There's no CF-Auto-Root for locked bootloaders, my life is too short to be messing with that.
+Chainfire the vzw bootloader will always be locked down. AT&T is another story completely 
+Chainfire I've seen people say that it is, but I haven't seen any confirmation on xda from anyone that would actually be able to determine that properly.
+Steve Farese Jr sure, but as the last few models on AT&T were bootloader locked, for all intents and purposes I am going to assume that the S5 will be as well, until someone proves otherwise.
+Chainfire If and when they release the firmware, if I sent you the recovery would you try?
I thought the T-Mobile bootloader was locked as well?
+1 for Canada S5 root! Thanks! 
+Darrion Scott +Kane Desousa What are you basing that on? I've not seen anybody state that (though I haven't looked either) and T-Mobile's variants have not traditionally been locked.
Because the G-Flex was bootloader locked on Tmo, seems like they're continuing a trend. Not 100% confirmed afaik
Seems several people on XDA with the T-Mobile variant have rooted succesfully, so there's the end to that question :)

how to fix invalid imei for allwiner a13?
Dave D
Do you think there will be something similar to loki method for att, if in your opinion you think there won't be I'm returning my phone, tooting is 75% of the reason I use android
Dave D
LOL! *rooting
That's impossible to predict, +Dave D but I certainly wouldn't bet on it. It may take months or never happen. If root is important to you, get an unlocked device and be sure you'll have it.
Dave D
Ok thanks 
So you will not attempt on Verizon S5?
Nope. There are others out there much more skilled than I in doing exploit-based roots.
Will you attempt att? And by that I mean prepare a CF Auto-root?
Seems so far that rooting / voiding KNOX warranty on the S5 also disables the 'private mode' functionality. Be warned.

+Steve Farese Jr If its bootloader locked: no.

+Jean-Yves PETIT nope
Hey, just curious if the SM-G900p (Sprint) is on your radar or if you need someone to test. Thank you for all the work you've done to make my rooting so easy with the S4 for sprint!
Scweet! Works like a champ! Life is good on day 1. Where's that donate link again?
I guess what I'm asking is, when the firmware is put up, will you be able to tell if the bootloader is locked by looking at the recovery partition, and will you actually download it and look?
+Steve Farese Jr No you can't see it like that. But some users on XDA will find out soon enough

+Conor Plataniotis Don't have the stock recovery ... I don't even know which type of S5 it is
+Chainfire I posted the Stock ATT Recovery in your CF Auto Root Thread on XDA for the S5, I'm pretty sure the ATT version is locked, but I guess theres some users out there willing to test to be sure.
any plans for SM-G900I? :3 been checking xda and here everyday xD
So the AT&T firware is already available. When do you think you can work your magic and get us root??? #Root +Chainfire

I'm willing to test it out for you by the way. Just let me know.
Yi Yang
Please try to root the AT&T!!!
please root g900A. I DESPERATELY NEED IT
He cannot root the G900A. He already explained why. Buy the Google Play version when it comes out.
Chainfire already said that cf root and modifying system will not work to root ATT and Verizon...Someone else will have to find a exploit based root for kit kat on the 900A...Chainfire said he does not deal with exploit based roots... So stop asking him for one.
Dave D
+Chainfire I have asked around and read and can't get good answer. Do you think the international GS5 SM-G900F, will work with AT&T's network in your opinion as I am returning mine to AT&T I need root!
SuperSU can't disable Knox on my SM-G900F, is this a problem?
Any luck on rooting the Verizon Galaxy S5 yet?
I Did it, I root my device. And flashed a Omega rom. And with that I disabled knox. 
I have seen reports of private mode still working I think. Any clarification. Does anyone know how long warranty is good for if Knox is not tripped
Who cares about knox at this point. If u got a way to root my AT&T GS5 then please share the wealth. +jeffrey barone
Wow,,,amazing hope theres a root in my huawei y300 0100,,,,thanks more power
+Richard de Buurman dude I read the last 10 pages of the xda link on this post. I couldn't find anything saying about root on ATT GS5. Did I miss something??? 
Are there ADB/fastboot steps? Some of us don't use windows and all google results are "the next big blogger" copying and pasting the steps provided on xda
Seems like in addition to breaking "private mode", rooting disables the ability to encrypt your phone.  I've rooted my T-Mobile S5, and now attempting to encrypt just reboots.  Can anyone confirm?  I would imagine the results would be even worse if the phone was already encrypted when rooting.
Thank you sir,,,for helping me,,,ok ill try god bless you
I think there is still hope for AT&T GS5 being rooted. You never know. Most of the newer devices are runing 4.4.2 and most of the exploits were made for 4.3 and older, unless I'm wrong.
Hey ChainFire can please please find a way to root the N900A in NC2 4.4.2, Build # KOT49H.N900AUCUCNC2 I really need it just for a moment i dont care about the Knox tripping i just need it for a moment and that's it is just for a proccess nothing else 
i am not getting region unlock on my samsung galaxy note 3 n900t 4.4.2 

please help or suggest
I have a rooted S3. Baseband L710VPBMB1 version 4.1.2 anyone care to help me update. I'm a complete newb. Thnx!
+Chainfire Hi, is there a SM-G900S root expected soon? Can I use SM-G900L root that is currently out to root the SM-G900S?.. Thank you!
anyone reset the Knox counter yet? on the s5?
Please sm-n7502 note 3 duos needed root any help?
Hello  dear chainfire..
I also ask for root N7502. Galaxy note 3 neo duos 
Thank you very much 
+Chainfire I've been hearing that your auto root does not trip Knox on sm-n900w8 (Canadian note 3) on 4.4.2 can you confirme or deny this. 
I await the lovely day the G900A gets root.
nothing had changed on the G900A ah? was hoping for at least some news by now =(
does the G900R7 have a locked bootloader or not because i really want to root my phone
How about the SC-04F from Japan ? Thanks 
What about the S5 Active ?  SM-G870A
Hi all!  Well, yea, I am "that guy".  I am the one for whom CF-Auto-Root did not work.  I have a Sam Note 8.0 / KK 4.4.2 / WiFi only model ( N-5110 ).   I followed the instructions carefully ( not my first root ), and got the green Pass! in Odin.  Twice.  Still, no root.   Any ideas appreciated.
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