SuperSU updated to v1.69

v1.69 has just been released. The link below is for the latest flashable ZIP. Google Play will start updating in a few hours.

This update includes fixes for two exploits that have been found and may allow an attacker to gain root access without prompting. Disclosure of these will take place next Monday, so I advise everyone to update before then.

Just a heads up, there will likely be another update next week.

- XBIN mode (some new roots need this)
- Slightly adjusted binary installer
- Backup script installation now available for all backuptool-capable ROMs
- Fixed su-ing to a non-root user not working on some 4.3+ firmwares
- Fixed BOOTCLASSPATH vulnerability (CVE-2013-6774) - Fixed notification sanitization vulnerability (CVE-2013-6775) - Fixed possible closed special files vulnerability
- Updated language files
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