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CF.lumen updated to v2.50

I've just uploaded v2.50, with the primary new feature being Android "L" Preview compatibility. 

XDA thread here:

- Installer fixes for latest AOSP
- Installer fixes for Android "L" Preview
- Added wake button to notification during sleep mode, which goes to sundown mode and is the default tap response - in contrast to disable, which disables all filters and is the default tap response while not sleeping
- Fixed issue where starting CF.lumen would not start the driver/service when not using Pro, and nothing would happen regarding screen colors, no matter which buttons you push
CF.lumen adapts the colors on your Android device based on the position of ...
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That's on the to-do list, but so are a great many things
Not compatible with my tablet... 8-(
+ChainfireThe latest update fails to update the driver on Note 3 SM-N900W8 kitkat 4.4.4using the "normal" or the recovery method .Version 2.40 Still works.... 
+Chainfire did you know if i can remove the knox warranty void from my galaxy note 3? I root my phone and i got some problems with the wi fi since that i rooted....
My device isnt compatable with that version
It could be nice to have the ability to set values as 0,x between 0 and 1 for the calibrration.
Will it ever be compatable android 4.1.2 
Vs980 running Vanir 20140814. Installed CF lumen; opened and hit restart to install driver....after installing the driver device will not boot past the LG logo screen. Had to restore the device using a nandroid backup. Is there compatibility issues with the newest KK version?
It's not working on my Motorola Razr with CM11. After install driver, the screen will flickering when scrolling, but not with colour change.
What can I do to fix it?
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I'd really like to see a mode that operates (combines) along the lines of the dimmer-overlay apps, but better because of the low level integration? Maybe takes into account what pixels are adjacent for smarter selective darkening?
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