No Triangle Away for Exynos5-based SGS4 GT-I9500 (for now)

Contrary to what some claim in the forums, all SGS4 models do store a flash counter (it's just no longer visible from Download mode) and kernel binary status. 

On the Exynos5-based SGS4 they have added protections against resetting this counter. This protection is certainly not unbeatable - there are a few obvious attacks possible - however, I do not own an GT-I9500 or comparable Exynos5 device. As such, mucking with this is an extremely tiresome operation: modify some code, compile a kernel, package it, send it to somebody for testing, have them unpack it, flash it, test it, send back results - with all the timing problems that come with that. Somehow you're never online at the same time :)

I have been doing that for a bit past weekend, but I'm going to stop testing for now - there is other code that needs my attention. If I end up with an I9500 myself I might continue. Or if others decide to share their patches around this issue - I know a workaround exists in the wild ...
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