SuperSU v2.78 SR4 (Pixel TWRP)

If you are not using a Pixel device, the only change in this SuperSU release is improved detection of file-based encryption. This should get rid of the issue where some Nexus devices suddenly got encrypted after flashing SuperSU.

The rest of this text applies only to Pixel and Pixel XL

Earlier today Dees_Troy released the alpha of TWRP for these Pixels. TWRP unfortunately breaks the boot-to-root images I prepared for the Pixels earlier. We do talk so this came as a surprise to neither of us.

As everybody probably knows by now, both normal Android boot as well as recovery share a boot image now. This requires some trickery to get everything we want up and running.

Both SuperSU and TWRP need to replace /init. Funnily enough, my first roots for the Pixels actually did this in such a way that flashing it over TWRP would not have been an issue (not the other way around, though), but this functionality was later removed as a size optimization.

That optimization has now been adjusted to keep both working at the same time.

Aside from that, there have been various fixes to the installer script to work around the differences between the boot-to-root/CFAR environment and TWRP.

That being said, issues can occur, so please take care to follow the instructions exactly.

It is very important to keep in mind the differences between using TWRP and flashing SuperSU through the ZIP file, or using boot-to-root (and in the future: CF-Auto-Root).

When switching between the two, you must re-flash your firmware's stock boot image. Advised is to flash to both boot partitions:

fastboot flash boot_a /path/to/boot.img
fastboot flash boot_b /path/to/boot.img

Failing to do this can lead to bootloops, or cause the device to always boot into Android (instead of recovery), or cause the device to always boot into recovery (instead of Android).

boot-to-root / CF-Auto-Root

These have not been updated to SR4, just use the SR3 version from the post linked further below.

- reflash stock boot.img
- fastboot boot /path/to/boot-to-root.img

You will end up with only SuperSU.


See Dees_Troy's post linked below for the links to download both the twrp img and zip files.

- reflash stock boot.img
- fastboot boot /path/to/twrp.img
- TWRP install
- reboot into recovery
- TWRP install

You will end up with both SuperSU and TWRP.

Full unroot

If you're using TWRP, please note that the 'full unroot' functionality present in the SuperSU GUI will (if it works at all) restore the original TWRP boot image from which SuperSU was flashed, rather than return you to the real stock boot image.


Let me just note again that suhide is not compatible with the Pixels (or Android 7.1 for that matter). Expect bootloops if you try to use it.


Flashable ZIP download:

SuperSU BETA (SR) thread at XDA:

Dees_Troy's Pixel (+XL) TWRP Alpha post:

Pixel 'boot-to-root' images with v2.78 SR3:

- sukernel: improve FBE detection
- suinit: TWRP compatibility on slot-based systems
- ZIP: TWRP compatibility on slot-based systems
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