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RegionLock Away released

I've just released this app to remove the region lock from the Note3's (and possibly other devices in the future).

I could copy/paste the entire story here, but you might as well just read the app description on Google Play, or read the thread on XDA (where you can also get the app for free):
... this description is still being typed, should be updated in a few hours...
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Perchè sei un grande! 'cause you're great! 😁
You mean this? :P

... this description is still being typed, should be updated in a few hours ...

The next device will probably not be a Samsung.
No matter how hard they try, the community has lots of talented and committed people who will do whatever it takes to set our devices free. I do not even own a Note 3 and will never buy one, but this post is so great I had to stop and say thank you!
Thanks for your time and effort. This is greatly appreciated. Now if someone can crack the boot loaders we will be all set!!!!
Great as soon it's supports the nexus 4 I'll buy it. 
Jojsp G
jorge...!! eres el papa de los helados buena informacion.
If Samsung will continue on this BS ,they will make the devs do not be more interested only for the state of the art interest person...So for me Samsung is not anymore a viable source for phones...Hail the Nexus!!!
Chainfire is the only reason I ever consider buying a Sammy device. Keep on doing gods work .
Great work chainfire ! Like always ;)
this one is solved...The Knox BS will still remain...I don't know what will happening when you must go to the Samsung if the S4 is dead and Knox is 1...will lose the warranty or not?
Along with Samsung's recently reported benchmark cheating, this region-lock crap tells me to look elsewhere for my family's next phones. 
F**k the system! Nice job, lucky I don't need it.
Region lock on a phone??? You've got to be kidding.
Why the hell would you need to region lock a phone?
Well done CF, without this tool I wouldn't even consider the Note3 for my next phone.
Uma Oo
I chosen the best way, if I am correct is to talk and deal with you and resolve everything amicably.
Only deadly constraint pressurizing me is time. every minute.
Please consider.
+David Bivens everyone is cheating in benchmarks according to latest. Samsung just got caught first. This makes it an even playing field. Kinda like affair (can't remember name) from few years back about anonymous data collection, when Verizon publicly stated they never ever used that software, but when asked directly if they use something else for data gathering, they went silent. Later it turned out they indeed were.

Although I wholeheartedly agree that samsung appeals less and less the more they suck balls to enterprise and I myself am not sure if the next year's phone is gonna be samsung. Basically if everyone else sucks, then it might be, otherwise it's a tossup
Is this only use on note 3?? Or can be used on the s4 SGH I337M
+Chainfire I'm starting to believe that you are some kind of a genius, really.
Thanks for all the things you do for the community, you're awesome dude, we can't thank you enough!

That didn't take long. Android Community ftw 
Yeah.. Sure deserves a lot of praise!
I dont own a note 3 but thank you for the support! Me nor my familly will be buying a samsung device from now on ( not even a fridge nor a tv) totally dissapointed with my s4 and knox.
Thank you, yet again, +Chainfire

Seeing as I have a Note 3 on T-Mobile (SM-N900T), I'll throw this question at you...

Under "SELinux status" it says "ENFORCING". How will that affect rooting it? Will this cause apps that require root to act improperly?" I don't want to root this and then lose functionality.
The is much better way to deal with this. Don't buy phones from company that thinks its okay to treat their customers that way.
LOL... :D You are so fantastic! Very cool!
You kick ass! Great work! 
Quiero cambiar la rom de mi LG optimus g e970. Alguien puede ayudarme por favor. Gracias 
Dear Sir,

I used your CF root for my galaxy note 1, S3. Everything is OK. Thanks for your great work. But I just bought Note 10.1 2014 edition LTE version 32GB SM P605. I really need to root my new tablet. I search CF root on internet but I can't find anything. I saw one on XDA site for P600 but my device is P605 LTE version. Can you please kindly help us to release CF root for P605 Note 10.1 2014 edition LTE version? When can we expect to get CF roof for LTE version? Please kindly reply me.

Thanks you very much,
Aung Thu.
It's good news but can help in mj1 firmware
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