FlashFire v0.73 released

This week's update to FlashFire brings a few bugfixes as well as feature improvements. The highlights:

Magisk support
Support for Magisk has been significantly improved with this release, especially for flashing incremental OTAs. This should now work mostly the same as when SuperSU is used: pretty much fire and forget.

Limitation: this requires Magisk v14 and its installation being done through TWRP or the Magisk app - it doesn't work with pre-patched boot images.

For now EverRoot still injects SuperSU to keep root though, so if you want to stick with Magisk you need to disable the EverRoot feature and add a ZIP flash action with Magisk's installer ZIP.

Backup excludes
You can add two text files in FlashFire's folder on the sdcard that list files and folders you do not want to include in backups. Examples are dalvik-cache, Chrome's browser cache, your tv shows and music collection, etc.

Users have requested a solution like adding a .nobackup file to folders they want to skip, but that wouldn't work for files in /data, and scanning the entire internal storage to collect those files can be an expensive operation. So I opted for this solution instead.

Read more here: https://flashfire.chainfire.eu/actions/backup/#excludes

ZIP association
FlashFire can now be used to open ZIP files directly from some file managers and Chrome's download listing. An opened ZIP will appear as a ZIP action card in FlashFire's UI. As a lot of apps tend to open ZIPs themselves (such as Android's standard Downloads app) rather than find which apps can open it for them, so FlashFire has also become a recipient for Android's Share feature that you can use instead.

FlashFire will attempt to resolve the real location of the ZIP file to where it is stored in /data (including internal storage). If this does not succeed, FlashFire cannot use the file. This also means that ZIPs stored on real sdcards cannot be used this way.

File-based encryption
Some more issues with devices that use file-based encryption (such as the Pixel) have been found and corrected. These primarily related to restores and wipes.


Google Play:

Direct Download:

Discussion thread on XDA:

- A/B OTA: Support for yet another streaming variant
- Magisk support: Fix some black screen issues
- Magisk support: Much improved OTA flashing compatibility (excluding A/B devices)
- SuperSU: Updated embedded SuperSU version to v2.82-SR4
- Backup: Exclude paths from backup with /sdcard/FlashFire/userdata_excludes and ./internal_storage_excludes
- Restore: Fix issue where FBE keys sometimes weren't restored
- Wipe: Add option to not wipe files from internal storage that aren't backed up
- ZIP: Open ZIPs from file managers and (Chrome) downloads directly, or share to FlashFire (file must resolvable to reside on /data)
- Adjusted timebomb for non-Pro users to 2018-04-01
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