SuperSU v2.82-SR4 released

This minor update fixes several edge-cases encountered during the rooting process.

There is no immediate need to update from SR3, because if you were experiencing any of the problems fixed, you wouldn't have root :)

The exception is an SELinux policy fix that should only be relevant to Samsung devices running stock Oreo, which I sincerely doubt you are using right now...

This is really just the public ZIP release for fixes to SuperSU that will be incorporated in the upcoming CFAR (CF-Auto-Root) refresh.


Direct ZIP download:

Discussion thread on XDA:

- ZIP: Fix an incompatibilty with CFAR
- ZIP: Fix slot detection breaking if no /vendor present
- ZIP: If unmounting fails, retry lazily
- sukernel: Fstab patch: fix case where verify removal could break slotselect
- sukernel: Adjust system_root cpio import
- sukernel: Detect and use stock boot image backups created by other tools
- supolicy: Add some Oreo policies
- suinit: Fix boot case where bootloader unexpectedly doesn't enforce dm-verity
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