SGS4 4.4.2 firmware vs SuperSU v1.89

So a few hours ago I was informed there was a Android 4.4 KitKat leak for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Unfortunately they changed some stuff around and SuperSU stopped working.

So I hacked together a minor update to SuperSU to make it work again: v1.89. 

The custom recovery flashable ZIP can be found at the following link (as always):

The CF-Auto-Root has also been updated with this new version of SuperSU, and can be found here:

As always, discussion in the XDA thread here:

I'm not sure yet whether this version will hit the Play Store or not. The only change is Samsung 4.4 compatibility, and there's only one leaked ROM out for that at this time. This update triggers a binary update, and there's always some people losing root in that process, so I'm not sure I'll go there until some more ROMs with this turn up, or I have another reason to update. (Subject to change on my whim, of course)
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