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SGS4 4.4.2 firmware vs SuperSU v1.89

So a few hours ago I was informed there was a Android 4.4 KitKat leak for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Unfortunately they changed some stuff around and SuperSU stopped working.

So I hacked together a minor update to SuperSU to make it work again: v1.89. 

The custom recovery flashable ZIP can be found at the following link (as always):

The CF-Auto-Root has also been updated with this new version of SuperSU, and can be found here:

As always, discussion in the XDA thread here:

I'm not sure yet whether this version will hit the Play Store or not. The only change is Samsung 4.4 compatibility, and there's only one leaked ROM out for that at this time. This update triggers a binary update, and there's always some people losing root in that process, so I'm not sure I'll go there until some more ROMs with this turn up, or I have another reason to update. (Subject to change on my whim, of course)
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You're always first with your root app. I like it.
I had a rezound running an unofficial Cm11 build.  I couldn't get SU to work but I downloaded this one and it works like a charm.  thanks!
How about mobile odin? Ever root is working on gs4 kitkat?
I don't have the phone anymore but this is exactly y u use your work . thanks ! 
Zoran M
Hey guys how do I actually apply the update? Do I flash it...or?
Marc P.
Great work, thank you.
Did they intentionally break it? If so that answers why there was a leak...trying to break root and seeing what you would do.
my samsung n7000 4.4..1 now can root???
Will support for i9500 be added to Triangle Away in future? 
yes please can you add i9500 in triangle away, i really want to reset flash counter
Chainfire, does SuperSU works on Xperia SP C5303?
Hi! This work on SM-N900 (note 3 exynos)?
 or this work only whit KitKat?
Lance D
Can't wait for 4.4 on my note 3 and Chainfire, you are the man for making SuperSU and keeping it up to date.  Thanks again for all your hard work! 
+Chainfire I have a few logcats from a SuperSU crash (SecurityException) on Nexus 7. Is there any way for me to send them to you? 
Thanks a lot for the information and welldone for your results! Need now evolution for mobile odin? May we expect an updating for it?
hello can u make a new autoroot for n9005 for 4.4.2 thanks
Hey man, just wondering if the old cf-autoroot will work for the note 3 n9005 or will we need to wait for a new one?
Now waiting for Note 3 Official 4.4.2 ROM root. :D
Ok. In my note 3  with a Jedi v5 your app keeps updating (along with Greenefy), wont stay as a system app and reverts to 1.80, otherwise, app. keeps doing it's thing and all works.  In my s4, with  4.4.2 (Danvdh) 1.86 stays and has stayed as system app.
Đã root và cài su vào hệ thống nhưng chưa cài recovery cho gionee elife e6 bây giờ mất tập nhị phân supersu và su ko thể cài tập nhị phân nhưng ko thể flash zip vì chưa cài recovery. làm sao root lại và su có tập nhị phân được.làm ơn giúp đỡ.""thank + chainfire
I'm still on version 1.8.6 with no update available. JellyBean 4.1.2 Xperia Active. Custom Rom.
Errrh please am still on jellybean 4.1.2 with no update please help am using a SGS3
Hi Chainfire, Will there be a CF-autoroot for the smsung galaxy s4 mini GT-I9195 ?
I can't install1.89 at the latest how do I install a zip file anyway...thanks
s hall
+Ad van Rooij You flash the superSU zip in recovery. And if that's a stock firmware leak and you're flashing a different kernel chase flash the kernel with SU
Hi Ano, I did just that and I got 1.89 back on my S4. Thank you. Ad.
Of course Stefan, how could I forget that!. Ad.
Hmmm I have in FNA5 (leaked 4.4.2) Footer Wrong, Signature failed etc etc.
s hall
+Michael Pullen My first question was to be whether you had checked the forums for an updated Doomlord exploit for the Xperia Z. Now, I'm inclined to ask if you took the OTA for 4.3?
s hall
+Michael Pullen Take it you live Statesside and TMo is your oppressor lol I went thru that ordeal. Well, never stuck with the phone long enough for 4.3 but it was new, sparse development and the TMo variant was the only unlockable bootloader. Sony would even give you the key to unlock your TA partition upon request, which you'd flash thru Emma, Sony's flashtool. Hoping I'm wrong about you being with TMob and that you get root again soon. If you don't have the option to unlock, maybe someone else knows the formula. Tip: Troll, read, troll, read the forums! Boundless suggestions there. Peace
s hall
+Michael Pullen For unlocking, you must use Emma, different from the exploit version. You can gain root after unlocking
Looks like there's a leaked 4.4.2 build for the AT&T S4 (i337) that could use some root love.
Designgears just posted it up on XDA.

No luck rooting 4.4.2 on the i337. I ditched it for a T-Mobile Note 3.
samsung i337 UCUFNC1 4.4.2  HOW TO ROOT .PLZ HELP ME
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