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Root on the new official Nexus 4.3 firmares

Great news everyone! The root I made for the SGS4's 4.3 leak works fine on the official Nexus 4.3 firmwares ( ). Tested on Nexus 10, no issues seen so far.

If you can't wait, see this older post of mine for the download:

I will be updating SuperSU and relevant CF-Auto-Root's hopefully somewhere in the next few days, but in the mean time, use the ZIP from the linked post - flash with TWRP.
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What about the lte edition? Verizon in my case. 
I already tried before reading this and yes, it works! Although I'm not comfortable with the workaround of using script. I must add that I tried the plain 1.41 update zip and it didn't work, so I then used your zip for 4.3 leak.
Confirmed working on Nexus 7 WiFi (grouper).  Flashed through TWRP. Mil gracias +Chainfire !
Just clean installed JWR66V (Official 4.3) on Nexus 4 and this worked flawlessly unlike the others. Thank you +Chainfire 
what about those reports on high CPU usage? should be the same correct?
It's because of the obnoxious build properties that Google baked in (see a previous CF post):


Here's to hoping that our favorite ROM developers will put those back to "n"...
Seems to work on my Galaxy Nexus (takju). TiBackup says "insufficient space" when trying to do a backup though, so something is amiss (1.86GB free here)
Titanium doesn't seem to be working for me either. Just stuck at restoring. +Chainfire any ideas?
I'm having  a really hard time with  supersu and the Galaxy Nexus (JB4.3), the system gets constantly frozen  :-(
My Galaxy Nexus is now very laggy and the battery gets hot quickly after boot.
Well it happened after flashing. I'll unroot my nexus and I'll post results.

EDIT: Yep, SuperSU was the problem. I could barely use the phone while rooted.
+Afif Ashroff how did you flash it? With 4.3 installed already on my Nexus 4 I seem I can't boot into TWRP (nor into CWM), the screen stays just black. Possibly a non yet compatible version with the new bootloader?
+Marco Islas if you (or anybody else, +Stanislav Iliev ) can make a full CWM or TWRP backup of a phone seeing the high CPU issue (I've not seen it), for hardware I actually own, I'd be happy to look at it. My full device list is on XDA, but for Nexus it's Galaxy, 7, 10, but not 4.

It's likely a combination of some specific root app and an incompatibility in SuperSU's daemon ...
+Chainfire Well, the apps that requested root access are "Launcher Pro", "SetCPU" and "BusyBox Free", no other app requested permission. There also may be some leftovers, I had previous version of supersu before the update and tried several times to get it to work until I got to this thread.
Not working for me: "There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!" Using CWM for Nexus 4.
It works on my gnex, but it causes constant stutters, yet, if I remove it, the smoothness comes back. Just letting you know!
It works on my gnex, but it causes constant stutters, yet, if I remove it, the smoothness comes back. Just letting you know!
Not working on the Nexus 7 either apparently, not sure what it's doing, but it's not finding su.
Weird, a reboot later and it's working.  I don't know if it took two reboots, or it's going to be non-deterministic about working with this kludge to make it work now.  Thanks Google, wtf.
Anybody else having trouble writing to /system while in Android 4.3? Even with adb remount executed. The weird part is I can rename files, but I can't copy. Not even to /data/local/. I'm using the SuperSU +Chainfire linked a few weeks back for 4.3 on the stock 4.3 N4.

I understand that SuperSU is working around the new /system restrictions, but why can I rename but not write?
In having the same issue as +Kevin Theuma , installation is perfect, bit once I reboot the device superSU gives me the same error. Already reinstalled the zip bit no luck.

Using CWM for Nexus 4 as well.

Edit: Cause I have poor reading skills, I didn't follow chainfire's instructions and i didn't disabled the option to avoid system recovery when prompt. Just say "no" when rebooting after the zip install.
"There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!". Using CWM on Galaxy Nexus.
I have the same issue of +Guido Ratti and +Kevin Theuma but when installing supersu with CWM I'm not I'm not ask  to disabled the option to avoid system recovery... :S
+Salvatore La Bua Don't know. I just flash the recovery manually using fastboot. and also, I installed version 2.5 of TWRP. Didn't try it with CWM recovery though.
Same thing as +Camilo Moreira , +Kevin Theuma  and +Guido Ratti.

Doesn't work with CWM neither TWRP

Strange thing that sometimes after flashing the SU, I keep getting SetDNS root notifications, but the app doesn't work - DNS is not changed.
Try this with TWRP:

1. reboot recovery
2. wipe cache/dalvik
3.flash the SuperSU zip
4. wipe cache/dalvik again
5. fix permission

Here works.
+Lucio Daou . Wait. All root permissions are working but SuperSU isn't.
Here nothing works.

I tried to reflash, seemed to work, but all of a sudden SuperSu app freezes, as any app trying to gain root privileges.
Galaxy Nexus: it works for apps like Root Explorer. Titanium Backup requests root and succeeds according to SuperSU, but then complains it couldn't acquire root. 
Nexus 4: working perfectly fine now. Wasn't working earlier.
All I did was choose NO when cwm asks for disabling recovery flash after Supersu zip has been installed and you rebbot the system.
Working fine with titanium as well.
It worked initially on my N4. Then after a reboot, ""There is on SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!" I tried reflashing with CWM and TWRP. TWRP doesn't ask me to fix SU permissions. Same error after boot. Any ideas?
I found out why it was not working for me. I was using the standard SuperSU release. You can find a link to the customized release in Chainfire's instructions. Install that one and you will be asked to disable recovery flash. Select no and restart. Works perfect now. Thanks :)
same here like +Rishabh Singh, Nexus 4, official ROM 4.3 today, CWM, ===>  ""There is on SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!"
+Rishabh Singh try cwm... The option to choose comes when you go back and select the reboot option within cwm ... PS m using the latest version of cwm
If you have the "stutters", I need a full list of all root apps you have installed ...
It's possible that the root is still not perfect with the .zip? I have a Gnexus 4.3 unlocked and I rooted using TRWP and your .zip. All is right but titanium backup. When I try to backup apps says he is doing it but in the folder there is only little file. If I install the pro version and try to backup it says that there's insufficient free storage....
Thank you! that did the trick!!!! And now I can enjoy my 4.3. One last question: if i want to restore the data of some games I have to put the old backup in legacy to or is definetly a bad idea?
+Stefania Poggi personally, I don't use Titanium Backup to back up data, so I wouldn't be able to answer the question (sorry). I would try using Helium to back up game data. 
+Chainfire After about few minutes i got 100% CPU on Gnex :/ Apps that asked for root: BetterBatteryStats, Root Explorer, BootUnlocker. I didn't do any special actions, only check if root working (look at /system etc). I flashed 4.3 using fastboot without userdata.img to avoid wipe. Actually i've removed SuperSU. If you need more informations (like logcat or something else) - write me.
On the N4 it works but it drains the battery ridiculously fast due to the daemonsu
Actually i can't reproduce this problem after reinstalling SuperSU :/ I will keep trying while normal usage.
If your zip flashed sepertly it can work...but why we can't make it work with a flashable rom zip?we create a bootable n4 4.3 zip but your su binary can't be found we have to reflash your zip again!!
+Johnny Kat I'm think because of "In this download the daemon is spawned by , some other root apps use this, some recoveries delete it, etc. If you lose root, just reflash the package."
Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 working just fine.

Had to do some funky stuff to get TWRP to boot after upgrading to Android 4.3, as something changed in the bootloader, there is a thread on XDA about how to do this.
Flashed the 4.3 OTA on my GNex (yakju), tried installing the 4.3 leak SuperSU zip from CWM and from TWRP, either way it says "Cant find SU binary" after restart, any solution?
Works for me on Nexus 4 OTA update. Thanks!
You guys ever going to work on figuring out root again for Verizon S4?